How Much Is a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

How Much Is a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?'s photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Fri Oct 06 2023
How Much Is a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

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Are you planning a quick trip to the UK from Nigeria? The UK Priority visa is your go-to option. With this visa option, you can fast-track your visa application and get approval in 10 days or less. But how much is the UK priority visa in Nigeria? You ask.

This article provides a comprehensive insight into the cost of UK priority visas.

Who Is Eligible for a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

To be eligible for a UK priority visa in Nigeria, there are criteria to be met, such as

  • Valid Passport: Ensure you have a valid Nigerian passport with at least six months remaining from your intended arrival date in the UK.
  • Visa History: A good visa record is crucial. Past visa refusals or deportations can make you ineligible.
  • Document Authenticity: All the necessary documents for your application should be present and correctly authenticated.
  • Financial Preparedness: Be ready to cover the additional costs of the Priority Visa service on top of standard fees.
  • Urgent Needs: Situations like immediate family emergencies or pressing medical conditions might make your case for the Priority Visa service stronger.
  • Potential Roadblocks: Any adverse or concerning information about you could hinder your chances of getting the Priority Visa service. 

These are the types of UK priority visa services.

  • Standard Priority: This speeds up the processing of your visa application, usually taking 5-7 days.
  • Super Priority: You might receive your visa determination the day after your biometrics are provided.

How Much Is a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

Cost of UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

  • The UK visa priority service fee for standard visitor visas in Nigeria is £250.
  • The UK visa super priority visa service fee in Nigeria is £950.

Best Payment Method for a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

The Pay4Me App continues to be the easiest way to use and pay for your UK Priority Visa fees in Nigeria among the several payment options available. You can make payments in naira through bank transfers, ATM cards, or USSD. Pay4Me offers quick payments that are free of additional fees.

Follow these steps to pay your UK Priority Visa fees with Pay4Me:

Step 1: Get the Pay4Me app

Download the Pay4Me app from the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Initiate payment 

Sign in with your account. Select "UK visa and IHS" from the menu's "Payments" section.

Step 3: Enter the amount and the currency

Select your payment amount and the GBP currency. To proceed, tap the next button.

Step 4: Submit your details

To complete your payment, provide your full name, UK visa link, login email, and password.

Step 5: Choose your payment processing time

Pick a processing time, then go to the payment page. Use a credit card, USSD, or bank transfer to make payments.

How Much Is a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?


Having gained insight into the costs of a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria, we suggest you use the Pay4Me app to process and expedite your visa fee payment. It's user-friendly and incredibly convenient.

Good luck!

FAQs on How Much Is UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

Q1. How much does a UK priority visa cost?

A UK Priority Visa costs an additional £250 on top of the application fee.

Q2. How long does UK priority visa take in Nigeria?

A UK Priority Visa in Nigeria takes 3–5 days to process. The Super Priority Visa, however, takes one day to process.

Q3. Is UK priority visa now available in Nigeria?

Yes, The UK priority visa is available in Nigeria. 

Q4. How to book a UK priority visa in Nigeria?

To book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria, you should use TLScontact, as it's the only official partner for UK Visas and Immigration in the country.

Q5. Is UK priority visa still available?

Yes, the UK Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa are still available for new study and most work applications.

Q6. Which UK visa is easiest to get?

The easiest and fastest UK visa to get is the student visa. 

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