How Much Is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria?

How Much Is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria?'s photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Tue Sep 19 2023
How Much Is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria?

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If you, your family, or someone you know is planning to move to the UK for studies, you're probably asking, 'How much is UK student visa fee in Nigeria?

The cost of UK student visa fee depends on the student visa you’re applying for. Here’s a breakdown of the various visa types and their prices.

Types  and Costs of UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria

The following are the most common UK student visas you can get.

  • General UK Student Visa: If you are 16 or older and intend to enroll in a longer-than-six-month course at a college or university in the UK,  you qualify for this type of student visa. The cost of this visa is $485 (₦202,967.65).
  • Child Student Visa: This visa is for your child if they are between the ages of 4 and 17 and want to attend school in the UK. This visa costs $485 (₦202,967.65).
  • Short-Term Study Visa: You can apply for this visa to study a short-term course like the English language. Although it occasionally extends to 11 months, this visa typically lasts six months. This visa costs $259 (₦108,388.91)

How Much Is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria

Requirements for UK Student Visa in Nigeria

If you're a Nigerian student applying to study in the UK, you must provide the following documents.

  • The reference number for the CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study) application and any supporting documentation
  • A valid passport or other travel documentation
  • Proof that you have the financial means to support yourself while you study
  • Approval (if necessary) from the academic technology approval scheme
  • Test results for tuberculosis, if any
  • A passport-size photo in color
  • School certificates and transcripts
  • Results of any relevant English proficiency tests (such as the IELTS or TOEFL)

Guide to UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria

To apply for a UK Student Visa, follow these steps.

1. Apply for a course at a UK university.

2. Obtain from the university Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

3. Submit a paper application at the UK embassy or consulate office in Abuja or Lagos, or submit an online application through the UK Immigration website.

4. Pay the application fee for a UK student visa (more on this in the section below).

5. Compile all required paperwork, including a current passport, academic transcripts, English as a Second Language test scores, tuberculosis test results, an ATAS certificate, and a police registration certificate.

6. Prepare with financial proof and government approval If sponsored. 

7. If money is held in your parents' names, you must present a consent letter from them if you are under 18 or proof of your parental relationship.

8. Be Successful on the biometric test.

9. Attend a visa interview at the Abuja or Lagos offices of the UK Embassy or Consulate. 

10. Await your visa.

How Much Is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria

Payment Methods for UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria

Among the numerous payment methods, the Pay4Me App remains the best to use and pay for your UK Student Visa fees in Nigeria. You can pay in naira through bank transfers, ATM cards, or USSD. Payment carried out with Pay4Me is instant and has no hidden charges.

To Pay your UK Student Visa fees with Pay4Me, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Pay4Me app.

From the Apple App Store or Google Playstore, get the Pay4Me App.

Step 2: Start your payment 

Log in to your account. Select "UK visa and IHS" under "Payments" in the menu.

Step 3: Input a sum and a currency

Select your payment amount and the GBP currency. To proceed, tap the next button.

Step 4: Submit your information

Enter your full name, UK visa link, login email, and password to complete your payment.

Step 5: Choose a processing time for your payment 

Visit the payment page after selecting a processing time. Pay using a credit card, USSD, or bank transfer.

Benefits of Paying UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria with Pay4Me app

  • Payment is fast. Usually completed in less than 10 minutes.
  • Pay at competitive rates.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • You are not required to pay using dollars or British pounds. Pay4Me will convert your naira in real time before the payout.
  • Your data is secure and safe.


As you know what it takes to get a UK Student Visa, it can be made simpler when it is time to pay the visa fees. Use the Pay4Me app to pay your UK student visa fees; it's a dependable and simple method. Make Pay4Me your preferred payment method to make your journey easier.

Best Wishes!

FAQs on How much UK Student Visa Fee is  in Nigeria

Q1. How much is UK Student visa fee?

The UK Student Visa fee costs £363 (about $418), but if you apply outside the UK, it costs £490 (around $564).

Q2. How much is UK Student visa fee with Dependant?

The UK Student visa fee with Dependant costs £490

Q3. How long does UK Student visa processing take in Nigeria?

UK student visa processing from Nigeria takes 15 working days for standard visas and five days for priority visas.

Q4. Can I work more than 20 hours on a student visa in UK?

A student visa in UK for full-time degree-level studies permits a maximum of 20 hours of work per week.

Q5. How long does it take to hear back about a UK student visa?

It takes 3 weeks to hear back about a UK student visa.

Q6. How much is UK Student Visa Fee in Nigeria 2023?

As of 2023, Nigeria's UK student visa fee costs $485.

Q7. How do I know if my UK student visa is approved in Nigeria?

To know if your UK student visa is approved in Nigeria, use the UK Visas and Immigration online services (UKVI) to access information about your visa application.

Q8. Why are UK student visas taking so long?

The UK student visas take so long due to inaccurate information or additional considerations.

Q9. How can I get my UK student visa faster?

To get your UK student visa faster, opt for the ' super priority service' when you apply.

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