Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students

Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Fri Aug 11 2023
Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students

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Olumide Adesola, a retired public school principal, was battling with unbelief when he started, Atinuke, his daughter’s admission process to the UK. The Pound Sterling was N1.85 in his school days at the University of Glasgow, and no one was considering cheap universities in UK for international students. His first mistake was to allow the daughter to defer her admission when the Pound Sterling against Naira rate was around N700, believing that the country's new economic policies would reduce the high rate.

Unfortunately, when he got the initial fund to send Atinuke to the UK, CBN changed its Form A policies, and the exchange rate was off his league. He had to search for cheap schools that would fit his pocket.

Postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom have become expensive for international students, especially Nigerians struggling to grasp the skyrocketing exchange rates. The first generation of Nigerians who studied in the UK had it easy because of the affordability and ease of immigration policies. Things have gone south over the years, but we have cheap universities in UK that you can consider.

We have listed some of the cheapest schools if you are looking for an affordable university for your postgraduate courses.

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Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students

Benefits of Studying at a Cheap University in the UK

Studying at an affordable UK school has the following benefits:

A.    Lower Living Costs: Most cheap schools in UK for masters are located where the cost of living is lower. Therefore, international students spend less on food, accommodation, and other expenses.

B.    Lower Tuition Fees: The tuition fees reduce the financial burden on international students and allow them to save more when they find work.

C.    Diversity: The cheapest schools in the United Kingdom attract students from worldwide, which offers a diverse and multicultural experience.

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University of Cumbria

The University of Cumbria is a renowned research institution in the United Kingdom, with an enrolment of at least 10,000 students worldwide. The university is among the cheapest schools in the country, with five campuses, offering international students endless possibilities for their dreams.

University of Hull

The University of Hull allows international students to spend less on their studies. Most full-time taught Master's degrees offered by the Faculty of Cultures and Education, Arts, Department of Politics, and the Law School are affordable. The University of Hull boosts International students from over 100 countries and has become a culture hub for its residents.

 Middlesex University

International students searching for cheap schools in the UK can attend Middlesex University. With one of the lowest fees in the country, the school equips students with the skills that can help them gain work experience after their studies. Students can quickly pay tuition compared to some schools in the same region.

Royal Veterinary College

The Royal Veterinary College has become a popular destination for international students who want to handle public and animal health. The school offers students the best of two worlds; its rural setting, Hertfordshire campus, and the modern central London campus. The school has a fantastic selection of animals to work with during students' time there.

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts is a work-based learning school that offers students techniques to put them through their working years. Its campus provides intensive weekend workshops, interactive learning, and online study opportunities.

Liverpool Hope University

Liverpool Hope University offers international students affordable tuition fees and a range of enticing postgraduate courses. International students have the opportunities to boost their career prospects, make new friends, and enjoy a peaceful campus life.

Leeds Trinity University

International students who want to save costs attend Leeds Trinity University, offering a year-round programme of workshops, a strong focus on employability, and employer events for its students.

Teesside University

Teesside University has become home to more than 27,000 students from around 120 countries and still counting. The university is among the cheapest universities in UK, with two locations.

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University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is situated on the picturesque Ipswich waterfront, which makes it a beautiful destination for studies and relaxation. The school offers an advanced, entrepreneurial curriculum that equips its students to face the changing world. 

Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students

Plymouth Marjon University

International students who want to study at an affordable school in the UK can consider Plymouth Marjon University. While the school is a small learning hub, it gives students better access to facilities and supervisors.

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton is among the UK's most affordable undergraduate and postgraduate studies schools. The school offers a personalized and supportive teaching pattern, including a multicultural location in Bolton to unwind and meet new friends. 

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 University of the Highlands and Islands

University of the Highlands and Islands sits atop the UK's diverse and affordable postgraduate study options. International can access the spectacular Scottish Highlands for leisure and relaxation. 

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What are the Most Affordable Universities in London for International Students?

A.    London Metropolitan University

B.    University of East London

C.    University of Westminster

D.    University of Greenwich

E.    Middlesex University

Top 12 Cheap Universities in UK for International Students

What are the cheapest universities in the UK offering Bachelor’s degrees?

·         London South Bank University 

·         The Scottish Association for Marine Science 

·         Robert Gordon University 

·         Queen’s University Belfast 

·         Anglia Ruskin University 

·         Glasgow Caledonian University 

·         Technological University Dublin 

·         Brunel University London 

·         University of Brighton

·         University of Birmingham 

·         Edinburgh Napier University 

·         University of Central Lancashire 

·         Teesside University 

What are the cheap universities in the UK offering Master’s degrees?

·         Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) 

·         University of Southampton 

·         Aston University 

·         St George’s, University of London 

·         Trier University 

·         University of the West of Scotland 

·         University of Strathclyde 

·         University of Bedfordshire 

·         University of Buckingham

·         University of Northampton 

·         University of Hertfordshire 

·         University of Westminster 

·         Northumbria University 

·         University of Kent 

·         The University of Exeter 

·         University of Glasgow 

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