How to Pay IHS Fee & UK Visa Fee From Nigeria

How to Pay IHS Fee & UK Visa Fee From Nigeria's photoBy Esther Ebere
Fri May 12 2023
How to Pay IHS Fee & UK Visa Fee From Nigeria

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Are you struggling to pay your UK visa and IHS fees? The UK visa fee and IHS fee are applicable fees individuals must pay if they’re moving to the UK to study or work. Individuals must complete these payments before booking a visa appointment with the UK Embassy in Nigeria. 

Unfortunately, due to payment issues associated with limited dollar availability, many applicants are unable to complete this payment accordingly and apply for their visa.

If you’re like these applicants and wondering about the best and safest way to pay IHS and visa fees from Nigeria, read on to find out.


The Easiest Way to Pay UK Visa Fee From Nigeria

If you’re a visitor moving to the UK, you’re only required to pay visa fees. Follow these simple steps to pay your UK visa fee in 5 minutes.

1. Download the Pay4Me App from Play Store or AppStore

2. Sign up and log in with your details.

3. Go to Payments and select “UK Visa & IHS.”

4. Select your destination currency and payment amount (since you’re paying for a UK visa, select the GBP currency )

5. Click on continue and proceed to the next page

6. Complete your payment by providing details such as your full name, unique UK visa link, login email, and password.

7. Finally, choose a processing speed and proceed to the payment page. Pay via bank transfer, USSD, or Card.

The Safest and Best Way to Pay IHS Fee From Nigeria

The safest way to pay your IHS fee from Nigeria is to use a trusted payment platform like the Pay4Me App. 

  • Download the app from Appstore or Playstore.
  • Register and log in using your details.
  • Go to “Payments” and select “UK Visa & IHS.”
  • Follow all prompts and complete your payment via bank transfer, Card, or USSD.

Benefits of Paying UK Visa and IHS Fee via the Pay4Me App

  • You don’t have to pay in dollars. Pay in your local currency, and Pay4Me will convert it in real-time for payout.
  • Your personal information is safe and secure.
  • Payment is instant. It takes less than 5mins to complete.
  • Pay at competitive rates.
  • There are no hidden charges.


You don’t have to forfeit your visa application because of payment issues associated with dollar scarcity. Instead, use the Pay4Me App, a trusted cross-border payment platform, to fast-track your UK visa and IHS fee — at a highly affordable rate. Download here to get started.

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