MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada: Apply with Pay4Me App

MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada: Apply with Pay4Me App's photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Wed Aug 30 2023
MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada: Apply with Pay4Me App

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Access to funds is one of the major challenges of studying abroad. If you're an international student hoping to pursue a high-quality education in Canada but low on funds, this article will benefit you. 

In this guide, we will provide a detailed overview of MPOWER Financing Schools in Canada, outlining the needed qualifications, application process, benefits, and other important information. But first, let’s start by explaining what MPOWER Financing is.

What is MPOWER Financing?

MPOWER Financing is a program launched to help international and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students in the U.S. and Canada who have money problems. The goal is to make education accessible to all by removing financial obstacles. 

MPOWER provides loans without requiring co-signers or security and emphasizes a student's potential more than their credit history. In addition to providing loans, it offers career guidance, scholarship options, and visa assistance to help eligible students get the required financial aid.

MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada

Qualifications for MPOWER Financing

You will qualify for the MPOWER financing loan if you meet these criteria:

  • Criteria for Nationality: As an International student and DACA applicant planning to study in Canada, you are qualified.
  • Academic Background: You must be accepted or enrolled full-time in a program at a Canadian MPOWER partner institution.
  • Joint Programs and Schools: The main institution or most of your coursework in a dual-country program should be in Canada.
  • Credit History: You won't automatically be disqualified if you don't have any credit history. MPOWER evaluates candidates based on their academic standing and potential for the future.
  • Commitment to the Region: If you want to stay in Canada after completing your education, it can be a plus for your application.
  • Course Duration: You should ideally still have over half of your academic program to finish.

How to Apply for MPOWER Financing in Canadian Schools on the Pay4Me App

Follow these steps to apply for the MPOWER financing loan using the Pay4Me app.

  • Download the Pay4Me App from your Google Playstore or App Store.
  • After the app is installed, signup and login using your credentials.
  • Navigate to offers and select loans.
  • Take the loan assessment.
  • See recommendations.
  • Tap MPOWER financing to complete your application.

Why Apply for MPOWER Loan Through Pay4Me?

Both Pay4Me and MPOWER Financing are united in their mission to assist international students in realizing their dreams of studying abroad. This shared vision brought about a collaboration between the two, offering international students loan opportunities for their studies abroad.

You should use Pay4Me to apply for an MPOWER financing loan for several reasons.

  • Convenience: Applying for an MPOWER loan is simple with the help of Pay4Me; you can complete the entire process online.
  • Faster processing: Pay4Me and MPOWER have a collaboration that expedites the loan application process. This means that your loan will be funded and approved more faster.
  • Expert assistance: Pay4Me employs a team of experts to support your loan application and any other assistance you may need.
  • More affordable loan options: Pay4Me offers a variety of loan options, so you can find one that fits your academic needs.

The following are some particular ways Pay4Me helps to ease the MPOWER loan application process:

  • Pay4Me pre-screens your applications to ensure you qualify for an MPOWER loan.
  • Pay4Me collects and inspects the necessary paperwork.
  • Pay4Me submits the application to MPOWER on your behalf.
  • Pay4Me keeps you informed on the progress of your application regularly.

MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada

Benefits of MPOWER Financing for Students

With MPOWER financing loans come the following benefits:

  • No Co-Signer or Credit History Required: This is the best option if you're an international student without credit because you don't require a co-signer or previous credit history.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: MPOWER provides rates starting at 5.99%, which can save you a lot of money throughout the loan period.
  • Opportunities for Internships and Scholarships: MPOWER partners with several organizations to allow you to earn internships and scholarships that will help you advance your career.
  • Full Coverage for Education Expenses: MPOWER will pay the total cost of your education, including tuition and living expenses, up to 100%.
  • Repayment Flexibility: You have a range of repayment alternatives available, including postponed repayment, which can benefit you.
  • Build Your Credit History: By making timely payments on your MPOWER loan, you can build your credit history and position yourself for future financial opportunities.

MPOWER versus standard Loans

These are the Benefits for You as an International Student if you get MPOWER financing loans against Standard Loans.

  • There is no requirement for a co-signer or credit history: MPOWER is more accessible to you if you don't have a credit history in your host nation because it doesn't require a co-signer or proof of credit history, unlike many ordinary loans.
  • Tailored for Your Needs: MPOWER mainly serves DACA and international students like you, ensuring the services and assistance are closely linked to your circumstances.
  • Comprehensive Support Services: In addition to the loan, MPOWER offers you helpful services, including resources for financial education, help with obtaining a visa, and career counseling.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: MPOWER's interest rates are frequently more affordable than traditional loans, especially if you face higher rates due to a lack of credit history.
  • Access to Internships and Scholarships: MPOWER allows you to apply for internships and scholarships, providing you an advantage over those who receive standard loans.
  • Improve Your Credit: You can build a credit history by diligently repaying your MPOWER loan; this will be advantageous for your future financial endeavors.
  • Complete coverage for your educational requirements is provided: While some regular loans may restrict what they will pay for, MPOWER will pay up to 100% of your educational costs, including tuition and living expenses.


MPOWER Financing helps you efficiently study in Canada. It's made for you, offers support, and reduces money worries. To begin your application, we recommend you download the Pay4Me App and get expert assistance each step of the way. 

FAQS about MPOWER Financing Schools In Canada

Q1. What countries is MPOWER approved in?

MPOWER is approved only in Canada and the United States

Q2. Who is eligible for MPOWER Financing?

You are eligible for an MPOWER financing student loan If you are an undergraduate or graduate student within two years of graduating or about to join a one-year or two-year program. An international student, DACA holder, US citizen, refugee, or asylum seeker also qualifies.

Q3. What is MPOWER Financing in Canada for international students?

MPOWER Financing offers school loans to international students studying in Canada without requiring co-signers or Canadian credit history and support services.

Q4. How much can I borrow from MPOWER?

You can borrow from $2,001 to $100,000 with MPOWER at a fixed interest rate, and you will not be penalized for paying off your loan early.

Q5. Is it easy to get MPOWER financing?

You can easily qualify for a loan option without a cosigner with MPOWER Financing.

Q6. What are the disadvantages of MPOWER loan?

The disadvantages of MPOWER loans are

  • Only one repayment term is available.
  • The interest rate is relatively high.
  • There is an origination fee and interest-only payments in school.
  • Not all schools qualify.

Q7. Does MPOWER cover living expenses?

MPOWER covers up to 100% of education costs, including living expenses, for schools in the United States.

Q8. What is the repayment period for MPOWER financing?

MPOWER financing loan repayments will begin 45 days after you receive the loan. Only interest will be paid till six months after graduation. The repayments will then be spread out over ten years.

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