UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria: Requirements, Process & Payment Options

UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria: Requirements, Process & Payment Options's photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Mon Aug 14 2023
UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria: Requirements, Process & Payment Options

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Do you intend to study in the UK as a Nigerian? If yes, you need one crucial document — the UK student Visa. 

The UK student visa is your official-legal pass to study at any recognized UK institution. However, to access this document, you must meet some specific requirements.

This article discusses everything you need to know about UK student visa, the application process, requirements, and payment options. Read on to learn more! 

UK Student Visa Application Requirements

As an international student with plans to study in the UK, you must include the following documents in your visa application.

  • A valid passport.
  • A CAS letter from a UK institution 
  • Evidence of financial capability to cover living expenses and education.
  • Passport-sized images
  • Transcripts and certificates from schools
  • Results of any applicable English language skill tests (such as IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) test results, if applicable

UK Student Visa Applications in Nigeria

How to Apply for a UK Student Visa From Nigeria

Follow these 10 steps to apply for your UK student visa:

1. Submit a course application to a UK university.

2. Receive Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the university.

3. Submit an online application (through the UK Immigration website) or a paper application at the UK embassy or Consulate office in Abuja or Lagos.

4. Pay the UK student visa application fee (more about this in the next section).

5. Gather all necessary documents such as a valid passport, academic transcripts, English language proficiency test results, tuberculosis test, ATAS certificate, and police registration certificate.

6. Prepare financial documentation and government approval if you are sponsored. 

7. If funds are in your parents' names, provide their consent, proof of relationship, or a consent letter (if you're under 18).

8. Pass the biometric examination.

9. Attend a visa interview at the UK Embassy or Consulate office (Abuja or Lagos centers). 

10. Wait for your visa.

How to Book a UK Student Visa Appointment From Nigeria

To schedule a visa appointment, follow these five important steps:

Step 1: Start your application

Apply online and provide all necessary documents as soon as possible.

Step 2: Complete your application

Select the relevant visa category, pay the costs, and submit the visa application form by visiting the UK Immigration website. Schedule a time to visit the visa application center.

Step 3: Receive appointment dates

You will receive a Global Web Form (GWF) number immediately after your application. Write down the GWF number after submitting the form; you need it later., the required documentation and visa appointment dates confirmation through email. 

Step 4: Review your application

To avoid problems, register accurate personal information on the website after you book an appointment.

Step 5: Attend the appointment

Attend the visa appointment at the visa application center with the necessary documents, the email-delivered documents, the completed online registration form, and the appointment confirmation.

UK Student Visa Applications in Nigeria

How to Pay UK Student Visa Fees in Nigeria

One of the best ways to pay your UK student visa fee in Nigeria is through a reliable-trusted payment platform like the Pay4Me App. The Pay4Me App allows you to process your UK visa fees in minutes without leaving your home. You can pay in your local currency through instant bank transfer, credit card, or USSD. Payout to the UK embassy is instant and at no extra cost. 

Follow the steps below to pay your UK visa fee:

Step  1: Sign up on Pay4Me App

Download the Pay4Me App from the Google play store or app store.

Step 2: Initiate your payment 

Log into your account, Navigate to “Payments,” and select “UK visa and IHS”

Step 3: Set amount and currency

Choose your payment amount and destination currency (GBP currency). Tap the next button to continue.

Step 4: Provide your details

Finish your payment by entering your full name, specific UK visa link, login email, and password.

Step 5: Select time and complete payment.

Pick a processing time, and go to the payment page. Pay by card, USSD, or bank transfer.


You can improve your chances of getting a UK student visa by being knowing requirements. Follow the application process shared in this article to enhance your likelihood of approval  further. Goodluck with your studies in the UK!

FAQ on UK Student Visa Applications in Nigeria

Q1. How Long Does It Take to Process a UK Student Visa From Nigeria?

It takes 15 working days to process a UK student visa from Nigeria while the processing time for a priority student visa is five working days.

Q2. How Much Is a UK Student Visa Application in Nigeria?

A UK student visa application in Nigeria costs $485.

Q3. Is Interview Compulsory for a UK Student Visa in Nigeria?

The success of your UK student visa application relies on the authenticity of your submission and the validity of your documents. Remember that not all applicants will be subjected to an interview by UK Visa and Immigration.

Q4. Can You Be Denied a UK Student Visa?

Yes, If concerns about security, eligibility, finances, or other factors arise, the UK embassy may deny you a visa application.

Q5. Can I Use My Naira Card to Pay For a UK Visa?

Yes. You can pay for a UK student visa using your Naira card on a payment platform like the Pay4Me App. Log in, choose Visa payment, and then pay using your card.

Q6. How Do I Pay My UK Student Visa Embassy Fee?

To pay your UK Student Visa Embassy Fee, use the Pay4Me App. Log in, select Visa payment, and pay using your card.

Q7. How Much Is the Visa Fee for UK Student Visa in Naira?

 The Fee for UK Student Visa in Naira is NGN 376,602.50

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