How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide's photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Fri Oct 06 2023
How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria: A Comprehensive Guide

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Ever wondered if there's a faster way to process your visa and visit the UK promptly? The visa application process can often feel like a maze, but there's a way around it — the Priority Visa Service. The UK Priority Visa Service is a sure way to fast-track your visa application and get your visa approved in days.

This article answers the question “how to book a UK priority visa in Nigeria.” 

But first…

How much is the UK Priority visa in Nigeria?

The cost of UK priority visas in Nigeria is as follows:

  • The UK standard priority visa costs £250.
  • The UK Super priority visa costs £950.

How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

To obtain a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria, You must:

1. Visit the TLScontact webpage

In Nigeria, TLScontact is the designated partner for UK Visas and Immigration.

2. Create a profile

You must enter personal data, including your name, email address, and birth date.

3. Choose the type of visa you are requesting

You should choose "Visit Visa (Priority)" in this situation.

4. Select a visa application location

Nigeria has two visa application hubs: Abuja and Lagos. You must decide which center is closest to you.

5. Choose a time and date for your appointment

The system will display available appointments, allowing you to choose the best slot. It is best to book early due to busier periods.

6. Pay the application fee for a visa

The fee can be paid when you download the Pay4Me app, sign up, and log your order.

7. Complete your online visa application

Inquiries about you, travel objectives, and motivations for visiting the UK will be required.

8. Submit your visa application. 

Once your application has been submitted, you will get a confirmation email.

Documents Required for a UK Priority Visa Application

For your visa application, you will be required to provide the following documents:

  • Passport and Travel: You'll need a current passport or valid travel ID and should also provide any old passports to show past travels. Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the time you are to leave the UK.
  • Financial Proof: you are to provide bank statements from recent months and payslips or tax returns to prove your regular income.
  • Accommodation details: Share your UK accommodation details, like hotel bookings or rental agreements.
  • Invitation or confirmation: If a UK resident invited you, have an invitation letter from them and proof of their legal UK status. If you are coming for work or business, you must have a letter from your employer or the UK business you'll be interacting with.
  • Visa Types: Depending on the visa, you might need school enrollment proof, English proficiency evidence, or job offer letters.
  • Filling Out the Form: Complete the official visa application form available online.
  • Booking Your Appointment: Keep the confirmation of your scheduled visit to the Visa Application Centre handy.
  • Biometric Data: Prepare to give your fingerprints and a photograph at the Visa Application Centre.
  • Translations: If any of your documents aren't in English, translate them and include the translator's details.

How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

Tips for Booking a UK Priority Visa Application

These booking tips will make your visa application process even smoother:

  • Start Early: Begin your application process well in advance.
  • Be Organized: Keep everything orderly to ensure you don't miss any details.
  • Honesty and Accuracy: Ensure all provided information is truthful and correct.
  • Attention to Detail: Scrutinize every part of your application.
  • Timely Submission: Ensure you submit your application before any deadlines.
  • Safe Document Storage: Retain all necessary papers in an accessible and organized manner.
  • Complete Application: Make sure no section of your application is left unfinished.
  • Proofread: Review your application for errors to prevent potential setbacks.

How to Pay For UK Priority Visa With Pay4Me

The Pay4Me App is the number one choice for settling UK Priority Visa fees in Nigeria, among other payment alternatives. Through Pay4Me, you can transact in naira via bank transfers, debit card transactions, or USSD codes, ensuring a swift experience without extra charges.

Kindly adhere to the steps below to pay your UK Priority Visa fees via the Pay4Me platform:

Step 1: Get the Pay4Me Application

Download the Pay4Me app from either the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Initiate the Transaction 

Upon successful login, navigate to the "Payments" section and opt for "UK visa and IHS."

Step 3: Input the Sum and Currency 

Determine the payment amount and choose GBP as the currency. Then click the next button to move to the next phase.

Step 4: Add Relevant Details 

To finalize the transaction, submit essential credentials, including your complete name, associated UK visa link, email, and password.

Step 5: Choose the Processing Duration

Choose a processing duration, redirect to the payment gateway, and complete the payment with a credit card, USSD, or direct bank transfer.

How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

Best Payment Method for a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria

Here are compelling reasons to opt for Pay4Me when making UK Priority Visa payments from Nigeria:

  • Ease of Use: Make visa fee payments at your convenience using the Pay4Me app. It eliminates the need for bank visits or trips to VFS Global centers.
  • Transparent Costs: With Pay4Me, you're informed of exchange rates and fees up front, ensuring no surprise charges.
  • Speedy Process: Payments are processed instantly, making it ideal for last-minute visa applications.
  • Intuitive Interface: Create an account, enter your details, select your visa category, and let Pay4Me manage the rest.
  • Reliability & Safety: Supervised by the right licensing and accredited partners, Pay4Me prioritizes your security by implementing protective measures for your information.


With the right guide, navigating the UK Priority Visa process from Nigeria is easier. This article broke down the booking process and fees in a simple style. Follow each step correctly, and you’ll book your UK priority visa seamlessly. We also recommend you use the Pay4Me App to process your visa payments. It’s simple and fast

FAQs on How to Book a UK Priority Visa in Nigeria?

Q1. How long does it take to get a UK Priority visa in Nigeria?

The UK standard priority visa takes 3-5 days, while the Super Priority Visa takes a day to process.

Q2. How do I get a priority visa appointment UK?

To get a UK Priority Visa appointment, choose the Priority Service when making your Visa application.

Q3. Is UK priority visa available now?

Yes, you can still get the UK Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa for studying and most work purposes.

Q4. Who is eligible for priority visa?

Short-term students, domestic overseas workers, and all with visitor visas for urgent reasons are eligible for priority visa service.

Q5. Has UK priority visa resumed in Nigeria?

For Nigeria's UK priority visa service, the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has resumed Priority Visa applications for work and study routes.

Q6 Why is Priority UK visa delayed?

There can be delays in UK priority visas when the application is not straightforward. This can lead to further review of the application and a delay in decision-making.

Q7. Can I change from standard to priority visa?

Yes, you can. To switch from a standard to a priority visa, contact the UK Visa Center, explain your reasons, and provide documentation. Approval is at the visa officer's discretion.

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