How to Work With Your UK Tourist Visa

How to Work With Your UK Tourist Visa's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Mon Jan 08 2024
How to Work With Your UK Tourist Visa

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Have you thought of working as a tourist in the UK? You don’t have to dwell in this fantasy because it has become possible to work as a visitor. Tourist visa holders coming to the United Kingdom can engage in work-related activities while in the country. For instance, as a visitor, you can work remotely or with clients. 

The new changes would come into effect from January 2024. So, here is what you should know about these rules:

How to Work With Your UK Tourist Visa

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1.    Employees of companies with branches in both the UK and internationally can engage in client work abroad, provided it constitutes a small portion of their overseas responsibilities. It is crucial for a project or service by their UK branch and is not directly delivered to a UK client by the overseas employer.

2.    While visitors can work remotely from the UK, the primary purpose of their stay should not be remote work.

3.    Scientists, researchers, and academics can conduct research in the UK, with certain exceptions for academics applying for a 12-month visit visa or seeking permission extensions within the country.

4.    Lawyers can handle additional activities like advising, acting as an expert witnesses, participating in legal proceedings, and teaching.

5.    The Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) Visitor route will be integrated into the Standard Visitor route, eliminating the need for a separate visa for those involved in paid engagements. However, they must still plan the activity within 30 days of arrival.

Key Changes in UK Visit Visa Rules

Visitor Route

Provisions are made more liberal for visa nationals who apply for their visitor visa on or after 31 January 2024 and non-visa residents who enter the UK as visitors on or after this date.

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Intra-Corporate Activities

Employees visiting their companies or businesses in the UK can do the following activities directly with clients:

1.    Sharing skills and knowledge 

2.    Advising and consulting

3.    Providing training

4.    Troubleshooting

Remote working

Visitors can work remotely on activities related to their overseas employment, but this opportunity must not be the primary purpose of their visit.

For instance, visitors can respond to emails or answer phone calls. However, there is no restriction on the range of work activities that may be carried out remotely.

Providing legal services

Lawyers coming as visitors can only advise a UK-based client on specific litigation or transactions. Here are some of the things they can carry out:

a)     Acting as an expert witness;

b)    Providing advocacy for a court or tribunal hearing;

c)     Advice;

d)    Appearing in arbitrations;

e)     Appearing in court in jurisdictions that allow short-term calls or where qualified in that jurisdiction;

f)     Conferences, teaching;

g)    Acting as an arbitrator/mediator;

h)     Litigation; and

i)      Transactional legal services, including drafting contracts.

Permitted paid engagements

People visiting the UK as conference speakers are included as a permitted paid engagement (PPE). In addition, this route is now absorbed into the standard visitor route.

This means that people coming to the UK for PPE purposes may enter the UK for six months instead of one. Also, PPE visitors can use an eGate on arrival rather than being stamped in for one month by a Border Force official. Conference speakers can also enjoy remuneration for their participation.

How to Work With Your UK Tourist Visa


Academics, scientists, and researchers can conduct research in the UK as visitors, provided this is for a specific project directly related to their employment abroad

Also, research is restricted to independent research and research for academic purposes while they are on a sabbatical from their home institution.

International Sportspersons

International Sportspersons applying to the UK for 12 months or less may make their entry clearance from any country they are in, provided they can demonstrate they are there lawfully and carrying out activities as a sportsperson

Expanding Opportunities in the Aviation and Legal Fields

Aviation Industry Adjustments: Flight crew members can enter the UK under approved wet lease arrangements between March and October, streamlining previous concessions.

Legal Professionals’ Expanded Scope: Legal professionals have more flexibility in their permitted activities, including advising, arbitration, and litigation services.

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How to Comply with New Rules Visit Visa Rules:

1.    Check Relevant Changes:  You should know the rules for 

2.    your visit.

3.    Activity Alignment: When planning for your activities in the country, ensure that they align with intra-corporate projects, remote working,  or legal services.

4.    Document Preparation: You should ensure that your documents demonstrate compliance with the new rules. 

What are the conditions for remote working on a UK visit visa?

 Remote working must not be the primary reason for your visit to the UK. While you can work as a visitor in the UK, your main purpose of stay should be visiting family, tourism, or another non-work-related activity. 

Can legal professionals provide services under the new visit visa rules?


Legal professionals visiting the UK can now engage in various legal services.

Do I need a Visitor Visa for the UK?


You need the UK Visitor Visa if you come from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland to visit the UK for up to six months.

What can you do with a UK Visitor Visa?

You can do the following with a UK visitor visa:

1.    Take a holiday 

2.    To take part in sports/ creative events. 

3.    Work in specific places

4.    Receive private medical treatment.

5.    Visit family or friends.

6.    For business reasons.

What activities are not allowed on a UK Visitor Visa?

1.    You cannot live in the UK with a visa.

2.    There is no access to UK Public funds.

3.    You marry, register a civil partnership, or give notice of marriage or a civil partnership. 

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