Requirements for a Canadian Student Visa

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Wed May 10 2023
Requirements for a Canadian Student Visa

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To study in Canada or anywhere in the world, you'll need a student visa, and you can apply for one once you have all the information you need. The Canadian Embassy has turned down many applications because the applicants needed to comply with the regulations.

Canada has the best educational system and is well known for being famous in North America. Numerous individuals are familiar with Canada due to its expansive landscape, multifaceted history, and tolerant cultural mix. Canada is regarded as one of the wealth blessed countries in the world and is a primary location for international tourists' vacations.

Requirements for a Canadian Student Visa

The vast majority of Canadians take immense pride in their country's history, which is deeply rooted in the British Empire. Some parts of Canada (like New Brunswick and Quebec) primarily speak French due to historical influences from Britain and France.

Interested in studying in Canada? Below are the requirements you need to apply for a Student Visa

You can be eligible to submit an application for a Canada Study Visa if you are able to demonstrate that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Admission from a DLI: Evidence that a designated learning institution (DLI) has approved your application and awarded you admission to the institution
  • A Demonstration of Financial Capability: You will need to proof that you are able to pay for both your living expenses and your education in order to be accepted. Usually, a statement of account for the last six months is shown here. Also, you'll have to show proof that you have enough means to get back to wherever you were going after your studies are complete.
  • You must show that you are law-abiding and have a background that is free of any infractions in order to receive a police clearance. In order to provide evidence of this, you will have to produce a certificate of police verification.
  • Medical Test: You are required to get a medical exam and provide a certificate from your primary care physician attesting to the fact that your health is outstanding.
  • Vaccination against the COVID-19 virus: Additionally, you are required to have received a vaccination against the COVID-19 virus or give a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Complete the application: You are required to fill out a form provided by (VAC). Under this circumstance, you should be able to convince the immigration officer that the only reason for coming to the country is to study and that you will depart as soon as you finish your study.

Application Procedure for a Student Visa to Study in Canada

Getting to know what comes first of application is necessary. However, the process of applying for a student visa could be a way lot easier only if you can follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Verify the times required for processing: When applying for a Canadian visa outside Canada, it takes 9 weeks to process. However, if you apply within Canada, it only takes 4 weeks. For you to stay up-to-date on your application status and find out how long it will take to get your student visa, visit the website of the Canadian consulate. 
  • Decide the method of application you will use: There are two ways to submit applications:
  • Online Application: First, you will need a credit card to get your payment done. Ensure you have the appropriate credit card to allow international transaction and access to a scanner or camera to upload electronic copies of your documents if you submit your application online. Additionally, you will need to provide a scanned copy of one of your fingers at the Visa Application Center (VAC) in your area. Remember that online applications require passport submission at VFS locations. Also, you'll also need proof that the form was completed and the payments were made. Documentation is the sole variation between steps.
  • Submit a written application: After downloading the application kit, you can read the instruction booklet. The instruction booklet contains important study permit information and instructions on how to apply. Kindly read the guide slowly and utilize the document checklist. You can only apply on paper in these cases: 
  • If you have an ID or travel document for a non-citizen, a refugee, or a person without a nationality,
  • If you have an impairment that prohibits you from applying online, complete the VFS Consent Form and then affix it to your application form after you've submitted it. Note: You will need this form in order to request assistance from VFS services during the visa application process.
  • When sending an application in person, through the VFS, or by mail, it's important to remember that visa fees must also be paid in addition to VFS Global service fees. Regardless of the circumstances, the processing fee is never refundable.

The cost of a study visa for Canada is $150 CAD. (As of the time of gathering information regarding the Canadian study visa, this is what is obtainable in Keeping track of currency value changes is crucial as they tend to fluctuate frequently.

  • You must complete the biometrics: The appointment for the collection of your fingerprints and other biometric data will be set by the Canadian embassy in your country. At this moment, there is an additional fee of $85 CAD; however, rates are subject to change at any time. If you are seeking up-to-date information, it is strongly suggested that you look at the website of the embassy.
  • In addition, to avoid delays in the application procedure, it would be to your advantage to complete this step as quickly as possible. Send in your application along with the documentation that supports it: You may have to visit the VAC office that is most convenient for you. When you arrive, you'll need to hand up your application in its entirety, together with the appropriate service costs, to be issued a receipt. With the receipt's unique tracking number, you may see where your application stands at any time.

Upon acceptance of your application, the Canadian government will notify you of their request for your passport. The submission of the passport and accompanying request letter can be accomplished either through personal delivery or through the utilization of Visa Application Centers (VACs). Upon acceptance, you will receive a visa for temporary residents and a letter of introduction. You will be given a visa for temporary residents as well as a letter of introduction if you are accepted.

Visa Application Centers (VACs) for the Canadian Embassy in Nigeria

The Canadian embassy in Nigeria is home to two major Visa Application Centers (VACs). At the outset of the application process, you can select either option. Please see below the addresses for the two locations in Nigeria.

Lagos: Visa Application Center

CFPJ+7H3, Admiral Ayinla Way, Lekki Phase I, 106104, Lagos

Abuja Visa Application Center

Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor

Plot No 1083, Mohammadu Buhari Way,

Central Business District,

Abuja, Nigeria

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