How Pay4me Can Help You with International Transactions

How Pay4me Can Help You with International Transactions's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Wed Aug 30 2023
How Pay4me Can Help You with International Transactions

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Over the years, the volume of outbound money transfers worldwide has increased tremendously because of the availability of technology and access to mobile devices. In Africa, we have experienced a rapid increase in international transactions. While this calls for celebration, the challenges encountered in some payment platforms could be worrisome. The solution to some of these international transactions is seen in startups like the Pay4me app and others. 

For instance, Western Union Money Transfer, with its thousands of outlets in Africa, has partnered with finance startups, Microfinance banks, and commercial banks to make payment easier. Entrepreneurs, students, business people, and travellers depend on international transactions to fulfill their goals.

According to the World Bank, "Intra-African trade was around 2% of the continent's total trade between 2015 and 2017, while comparative figures for America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania were, respectively, 47%, 61%, 67%, and 7%.)".  Every day, local and international transactions worth millions of dollars happen.  To ensure that these transactions happen smoothly without delay, paytech companies like the Pay4me app have taken a center stage in payments.

Challenges with international payments:

Hidden Fees

Individuals and companies pay more than necessary when transacting businesses outside their countries. Some businesses incur flat fees on incoming wire transfers or outgoing transfers according to the amount they are either getting or receiving.  Moreover, they may have to deal with intermediary banks during a transaction. These banks charge their additional wiring fee.

Exchange Rates

A major challenge of international transactions is the exchange rate. This affects both the payer and the end-user. When the exchange rate is high, selling goods and services at a competitive rate becomes difficult.  This makes it easier for people to use companies like Pay4Me for international transactions.


The more a business expands internationally, the more compliance and anti-money-laundering considerations there are that need to be addressed

Payment Tracking

Some international payments companies do not have the tracking abilities of carrier services.  This means that people may not know if or when their payments have been delivered into the exporter's bank account.

Payment Identification

Some payment companies spend time, and resources identifying, and reconciling wire transfers, as identifying any payer information on a deposit is often difficult.

Importers Can't Easily Pay

Sometimes, importers are constrained to making payments via wire transfer and cannot utilize more modern payment methods, such as credit/debit card or e-wallet.

International payment processors like the Pay4Me app offer solutions to these issues by streamlining the process. These companies provide speed and transparency to transactions, thus solving important cash flow issues. The good news is that these payment processors have taken away all the headaches that come with region-specific challenges in markets where businesses do not have banking relationships or infrastructure

Why You Should Use Pay4Me

Pay4Me is a payment portal that makes payment of fees abroad easier with competitive exchange rates. The app is becoming popular among travelers, parents in Africa who want a faster and simpler way of sending money to their wards abroad, and international students.  Whether you want to pay for your visa fee, SEVIS fee, WES fee, admission application fees, or any travel-related fees, Pay4Me helps you complete it within 30 minutes. The Pay4Me app is operated by Across The Horizon and Across The Horizon Technologies.

Payment is the lifeblood of trade, from the era of barter to cash and, today,  electronic payment channels.  With the increase in globalization, Africans have found a solution by starting paytech companies to expand into new markets.

Innovations in transportation and communication have paved the way for globalization, yet the struggle with a fundamental aspect of business: exchanging money for goods and services, has not been solved until now. In Africa, we have numerous paytech companies that have made it easier for people and companies to transact international businesses.

How Does Pay4Me Work?

Users provide the app with their payment instructions by completing their specific payments details on the app.  The app completes their payments with the fastest and safest techniques that suit each transaction. Paying for most of your necessities from Nigeria to abroad requires the support of 24/7 customer care. Many things can go wrong within seconds, meaning you, a payment portal, need people online to ratify such payment challenges.

The exchange rate is what many users want to take advantage of when sending money abroad. To be safer and save money after payment, you must use a payment portal with the most competitive exchange rates.  Pay4Me is good at using the government's official exchange rates for its users.

 Payments via Pay4Me can be made to countries in Africa, North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.  Nigerian banks have a transaction limit abroad that can be frustrating if you have something serious to do with cash.


Pay4me pays users their refunds if there is a need to do that. Whether the refunds come from disputed or cancelled Remittances, you get your money back. You can allow the Pay4me App to process your Remittance for no additional charge.

Pay4Me eliminates the middleman in travel-related payments in Nigeria. It allows you to send or pay money at your convenience.

How Does Pay4Me App Works?

•          Download the Pay4Me app on the Google Play Store or App Store.

•          Register and verify your identity.

•          Select your payment type & provide us with payment instructions.

•          Pay for the service with a card, bank transfer

Most transactions are completed in minutes. Users provide their payment instructions, and Pay4Me completes the payments on their behalf using the safest and fastest payment technology available for their payment type and option. Pay4Me offers excellent exchange rates and 24/7 customer support for your payments.

Pay4Me app is safe and secure. The platform makes use of the latest industry-standard technologies to protect your information.

 Pay4Me considers restrictions in some countries and allows you to make $1000 per transaction. However, those who want to conduct more than $1000 transactions can contact customer care to help them process it fast.  Currently, the app offers its users both free and paid transaction alternatives.

The difference between the two is in the processing duration. While the free transaction can be processed within 3-5 working days, the paid transactions can be processed within 1-24 hours.


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