How to Make Money When Studying Abroad

How to Make Money When Studying Abroad's photoBy Esther Ebere
Thu Jan 18 2024
How to Make Money When Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad as an international student involves many expenses. Aside from tuition fees, you’ll also cater to costs such as accommodation, travel, rent, and food. For this reason, knowing how to make money while studying abroad is vital.

This article covers several ways to earn extra money while studying abroad as an international student.


How to Make Money While Studying Abroad

1. Become a Freelancer

Do you have any skills? Coding? Graphic design? Photography? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then freelancing is your ideal place. 

Freelancing allows you to work under flexible schedules without hampering your studies. Beyond that, it helps you improve your skill sets for better future opportunities. And because of its flexibility, you can increase or reduce your workload depending on how much time you have on your hands. 

For starters, research platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, and AngelList, to begin your freelancer pursuit. Set up a profile and create a portfolio to start bidding for jobs. Ultimately, in no time, you’ll land your first client, get paid for your skills, and achieve your goal of making money abroad as an international student.

2. Work Part-Time

Working part-time jobs is an excellent way to make money abroad while studying. Part-time jobs such as teaching assistant, library attendant, research assistant, and barista are easy-to-do roles that pay per hour. And in most cases, they can advance you into long-term roles if you’re a resourceful worker.

To get started, visit your school's study abroad office and inquire about part-time openings or ask your classmates who are already working in similar roles. Meanwhile, keep in mind that certain terms apply to your study visa and, by extension, may affect your preferred job. Therefore ensure to recognize and adhere to them.

3. Become a Tutor

Tutoring offers you many options to make money abroad as a student. You can do it on campus, off campus, and even on the internet. Since the teaching mode has changed and people are more willing to attend classes from anywhere, you can switch to a virtual class, teach, and get paid accordingly. 

It’s simple. Pick a subject you know, register on a tutoring platform like Preply, and set your course model. Alternatively, you can seek recommendations from your teachers to know if any tutoring schemes are available at your university.

Regardless of the approach you take, you’ll make money, increase your knowledge base, and add extra work experience to your résumé.

4. Make Money Abroad Through Internships

Internships are a great way to make money while studying abroad. While many of them are unpaid, quite a few pay students. But payment isn’t all there is to internships. When you intern with organizations, you gain global exposure, expand your network, and create avenues for long-term post-school engagements. In other words, you’re likely to transition into a full-time role if you prove yourself effective to the company.

So, how do you find paid internships at your university abroad? Seek assistance from the international students' office in your institution.  Most universities have internship openings ready in companies and available for students. So reach out to them and see if you qualify for any. 

Additionally, go to career fairs and network with people. You’d be surprised at the networks you’ll meet and the opportunities they can connect you to.  

Finally, ask your professors about internship opportunities. Most professors have access to local businesses and companies offering internships. Meet them and see if they can recommend you to any openings.

5. Offer Writing Services

Writing services such as copyediting, content writing, essay writing, and technical writing are great services that can fetch you money as an international student. The best part — you won’t have to leave your campus to offer them to businesses and media houses needing them. 

Start by contacting journals, magazines, and websites to handle their writing tasks. Send them a well-crafted pitch or writing sample detailing how you could greatly help their business. Insert an email address to enable them to reach you whenever they need your services. When done right, you’ll be able to stay financially stable throughout your study period.

6. Become a Caregiver

Caregiving involves caring for people with limitations from illness, injury, or age. As an international student, you can offer caregiving services to children and old people living at homes or in hospitals.

For example, in Canada, you can work either as a home support worker for the elderly or as a home childcare provider for children. Meanwhile, irrespective of which you choose, ensure it doesn't conflict with your studies. 

To get started, look out for caregiving training programs and complete their training. When done with the training, apply for caregiving jobs with minimal requirements and connect with other caregiving students to help ease the process.

7. Make Money Through the Pay4Me Referral Program

The Pay4Me referral program is a simple earning option for students studying abroad. Signing up for the program gives you a unique code to share with family and friends to earn money.

Wondering what Pay4Me is? Pay4Me is an international payment platform that helps students process transactions such as WES fees, SEVIS fees, visa fees, tuition fees, and other payments abroad. 

Protip: Use our guide “How to Pay Tuition Fees Abroad from Nigeria” to process your tuition fees abroad.

Since you’re looking to make some money on campus, you can recommend the platform to your friends and other students seeking ways to make cross-border payments. Whenever they make payments via your link, you earn a commission. 

Simply sign up on the platform, get a unique code, and share it with friends. As you earn commissions from their transactions, they also earn a commission for using the app.  Remember, there are no extra or bank charges for using the Pay4Me platform.

Final Thoughts 

Learning how to make money while studying abroad as an international student can greatly boost your finances and savings. However, you must make maximum effort and dedication to see the tips shared here work for you. Aim to explore opportunities such as freelancing, tutoring, caregiving, and part-time jobs since they’re easy to start. Pick one of them and dedicate yourself to doing them. In no time, you’ll begin to reap their benefits.

Common Questions on How to Make Money While Studying Abroad

Q1. Can You Get a Job While Studying Abroad?
Yes! Many international students explore how to make money studying abroad by taking up part-time jobs and adhering to the host country's regulations.

Q2. Can You Work While Studying Abroad?
Yes, you can make money abroad by finding part-time jobs, internships, or freelance opportunities.

Q3. How to Make Money as an International Student
Making money as an international student involves freelancing, working part-time, tutoring, engaging in internships, offering writing services, caregiving, and exploring referral programs like Pay4Me. Always be mindful of the host country's work regulations for students studying abroad.

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