UCAS Clearing Application For International Students: A Guide

UCAS Clearing Application For International Students: A Guide's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Thu Mar 02 2023
UCAS Clearing Application For International Students: A Guide

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Have you wondered why you must have a UCAS number before applying for a UK student visa? The Universities and Colleges Admissions Services (UCAS) support millions of students annually to find employment, schools, and apprenticeships.

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Whether you are a young or mature student, you must apply through UCAS. However, Pay4Me recommends that you don't wait until the last minute before rushing this process.

You should complete the following section during your UCAS application:

·         Personal details

·         Personal statement

·         Additional information

·         Choices

·         Student finance

·         Education details

·         Employment 

How To Complete Your UCAS Application

Register with UCAS

You can register on the UCAS website and complete the registration questions, which deal with the year you want to start your studies and your ‘Undergraduate’ level of study interest.

You will use the UCAS Hub dashboard and  click start on 'Your application .'You should enter your first and middle name(s) exactly as stated on official documents.

Complete Your Details

1.    Complete all mandatory questions 

2.    Make sure your email address is current 

3.    You will be asked about your residency status. In addition, some mandatory questions are asked.

4.    You will take about your funding.

5.    Include your education history

Complete Your Employment History

Enter details of any paid jobs – full-time or part-and include company names, addresses, job descriptions, and start/finish dates.

Select your Course Choices

You can choose up to five courses with no preference order. 

 Write a Personal Statement

You should write in your style why the schools you picked should accept you. It must be at least 1,000 characters long. Ensure you use Microsoft Word and double-check for mistakes before submitting.

Submit Your Application

When you have completed your application, review it and make any edits.

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Get a Reference and Pay Your Application Fee

You need a reference from a teacher, adviser, or professional who knows you academically. 

Meanwhile, admission teams consider some factors when they review your application, and they include:

·         Qualifications

·         Good attitude to learning and personal development

·         Content of reference

·         content of the written personal statement 

·         Knowledge of and commitment to the subject discipline

·         Ability to articulate yourself fluently and accurately in writing 

How to Find a Course Through UCAS Clearing

What is Clearing?

When schools publish their exam results, some may want to fill some spots in many courses. With the UCAS Clearing process, you can find and apply for these spots.

Clearing helps schools fill up their vacant spots on their courses to ensure that every class is filled. In addition, international students who don't get the required grades for a university course can use UCAS clearing to grab a spot on other courses. 

So, if you don't get the grades you need for the university course, you're applying to, 

Why Do You Need UCAS Clearing?

The United Kingdom has many universities with slots available in Clearing, especially highly ranked universities. In 2021, more than 45,000 students got admitted through Clearing. 95% of this number applied through UCAS, while others waited until Clearing before they applied to schools.

Clearing Summary 

·         Clearing: For students who apply after the deadline or applicants who become unplaced and still want to apply elsewhere to start their studies the same year. You can use the UCAS website to find these spots.

·         Clearing Plus: Students who apply after 30 June or become unplaced. You can find courses they have been matched to by clicking the  ‘My matches’ button in your application.

·         Decline my place: This allows applicants who are placed to release themselves from their confirmed place into Clearing. The ‘Decline my place’ button will appear for eligible applicants in their application. They can then use either of the options above

Different Confirmation Decisions

Conditions of Offer Met

1.    Applicants have met the conditions of their firm choice and are placed there (UF). Their applications display confirmation and advise the applicant if they need to take any further action.

2.    Applicants placed at their insurance choice (UI) or firm choice (UF) are shown in the adviser portal under the 'Final Place Accepted' status. 

Conditions of Offer Met and Exceeded

1.    If the applicant’s exam results exceed the conditions of their conditional firm offer, they can decline their place and apply through Clearing. 

2.    If they use Clearing Plus, they will be signposted to relevant universities with spaces whose entry requirements match their results.

Conditions of Offer Not Met

1.    Applicants may still be accepted by the school and may need to wait a few days to make a final decision.

2.     The school may be waiting for some information (confirmation of exam results, non-academic information, etc.) to make a final decision.

3.    They may be given a change, date of entry, or point of entry offer, which will be shown in their application. 

4.    Applicants are not obliged to accept this but must accept or decline the change within five calendar days.

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Commitments During Confirmation

Applicants are expected to honour their Confirmation commitments. If you don’t want to take up your confirmed place, Pay4Me recommends that you contact the school to either withdraw from the UCAS application system completely or release themselves into Clearing using the 'Decline my place' button in their application. 


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