How Pay4me App & SEVIS Fee are Making Study Abroad USA Dreams Come True

How Pay4me App & SEVIS Fee are Making Study Abroad USA Dreams Come True's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Sun Jul 30 2023
How Pay4me App & SEVIS Fee are Making Study Abroad USA Dreams Come True

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Studying in the United States is dream come true for millions of international students. Before this can come true, you need to apply for an F-1 student visa.  The process of completing your application demands that you pay for your SEVIS fee via the Pay4Me app.

Who pays the I-901 SEVIS Fee?

·         All prospective F and M students applying for a visa to the United States of America.

·         All prospective F and M students from visa waiver countries (before seeking admission at a U.S. port of entry).

·         Any non-immigrant in the United States applying for a change of nonimmigrant status to F-1 or M-1 status (before applying for a change of nonimmigrant status).

·         An F or M student applying for reinstatement of student status due to a violation of status

·         An F or M student who has been absent from the United States for more than five months and wishes to re-enter the United States to return for further study in the same course of study.

For students coming to the US from Africa, they need to pay this payment.   To pay for your I-901 SEVIS fee, you need to provide:

·         Name

·         Address

·         Sate of birth

·         Email address.

·         Country of birth

·         Country of citizenship.

·         School Code as listed on the Form I-20 “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status.”

·         SEVIS Identification Number as listed on Form I-20.

How Pay4Me App Makes Study in the USA a Reality

International students from Nigeria, Kenya, Gambia, Cameroon, or Ghana are required to pay their SEVIS fee by Western Union Quick Pay, money order, or certified check drawn from a U.S. bank. This could be a run and uncomfortable process for many prospective students.

Pay4Me stands in the gap to help students make their SEVIS fee payments in the comfort of their homes. You do not need to queue in the bank or struggle with the exchange rate.

SEVP accepts third-party payments like Pay4Mr, meaning someone else can pay your I-901 SEVIS Fee using the same method of payment.  You do not need to make use of a credit or debit card when you can use an app.

To make you relocate to the United States easier, you should take time in filling the SEVIS fee form. Mistakes could delay your travelling or visa interview. Pay4Me App has a team that would help you with a seamless payment of your SEVIS fee.

You can download Pay4Me on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. When you install the app on your smart device, create an account with the app. This offers full access to the different services provided by Pay4Me. 


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