Everything You Should Know About Paying For WES Fee on Pay4Me App

Everything You Should Know About Paying For WES Fee on Pay4Me App's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Thu Nov 18 2021
Everything You Should Know About Paying For WES Fee on Pay4Me App

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World Educational Services (WES) help international students and workers enrolled in Canadian and the United States of America academic institutions or jobs through credential evaluations.  From immigrant integration programs and credential evaluations to helping people relocate abroad without difficulties, WES has become a major focus during travel abroad.

In Africa, we have different ways people can make payments to WES. While the wire transfer via Western Union is popular, you can make use of a debit card, personal check, or money orders to make your WES payment. 

However, we recommend people use the Pay4Me app for a seamless transaction. Whether you are in South Africa, Kenya, or Nigeria, the Pay4Me app can help you make your WES transaction. When you use Pay4Me and WES services, travelling to Canada and the United States becomes easier.

How Does Paying for WES with Pay4Me App Work?

To make your payment with Pay4Me, you must log in to My Account on the official page of WES and change your payment method.  Pay4Me app is a secure payment system created for Africans to make payments abroad within seconds, especially travel-related fees and educational fees.  The app is simple and user-friendly.

Users provide their payment details with the form provided by the app.  The first thing to do is to download the Pay4Me app here.  You can download the app on Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You are required to create an account with the app. Verification is swift to get you started.

Steps to making payment

·         Click on Pay4Me App

·         It takes you to Quick Actions

·         Click on WES Evaluation Fee

·         It opens Pay WES Evaluation Fee (Choose Destination Currency­)

·         You either pick USD, GBP, or EUR and continue

·         Enter Transaction Amount

·         It converts to the local currency

·         Confirm and Proceed

·         Enter details to pay for your WES fees payment

Please make sure you have accurately completed your application on the WES website before applying processing

Be aware that Pay4Me App would not be held responsible for any inaccurate information in your application. You need to fill in the following correctly:

·         Full Name

·         Email Address

·         Student Phone Number

·         Password

NOTE: Attach your international passport. You can only upload any image, doc, docx, or PDF files

When you have completed this process, you proceed to make your payment. The local exchange rate to foreign currencies can be alarming.  However, Pay4Me offers you the cheapest exchange rate to help you save more. 

Payments via Pay4Me can be made to countries in Africa, North America, Europe, and other parts of the world. 

You can start making payments with Pay4Me today. You have more to gain when you use this payment platform. Whether you want to pay your clients, educational related fees, visa, or travel fees, the Pay4Me app can help you achieve that within seconds.

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