How to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP in 4 Steps

How to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP in 4 Steps's photoBy Esther Ebere
Thu Jul 18 2024
How to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP in 4 Steps

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International students have made the United States and Canada their study destination. In the past year, the US recorded over a million global students enrolled in its higher institutions. This number has further grown by 8% as of fall 2023, making more people seek to boost their academic credentials.

Are you an international student trying to enhance your educational credentials for recognition in Canada and the United States? Do you already have the WES report but want to upgrade it to the International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP)?

This blog will guide you through the four simple steps to upgrade your WES report to ICAP. But before that…

What Is the Difference Between WES ICAP and WES Basic? 

Both evaluations assess your degrees and diplomas earned outside the US and Canada. However, there are some major differences.

WES Basic:

This is the standard evaluation report. It assesses your academic record and gives you a US or Canadian equivalency. The downside is—you can’t store the documents for future use.


This evaluation includes all the features of WES Basic. It permanently stores your academic record and allows easy electronic sending to multiple institutions or universities. It also saves you time and effort for future applications. Finally, you get a WES digital badge to showcase your verified credentials online.

While WES Basic is sufficient for some purposes, upgrading to ICAP is recommended. The flexibility and convenience for future use make it more ideal than WES Basic.

How to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP in 4 Steps

How Much Does It Cost to Upgrade WES? 

The cost to upgrade your WES report to ICAP is $49 if your WES evaluation is still in progress. However, you’re expected to pay $87 for a completed evaluation. Please bear in mind that the upgrade price does not include delivery or additional fees. Additional fees may apply for sending reports to more institutions.

Steps to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP

Follow these 4 simple steps to upgrade your WES report to ICAP:

Step 1: Log into your WES account and find the report you want to upgrade.  

Step 2: Select the "Upgrade to ICAP" option on your existing report.

Step 3: Pay the $49 upgrade fee using the Pay4Me App (more on this later).

Step 4: WES will re-evaluate your credentials and provide the new ICAP report within 7 business days.

That's it. Since WES already has your documents from the initial basic assessment, you don’t need to re-submit or fill out a new application.

How to Pay Your WES or ICAP Fee With Pay4Me

You can pay your WES or ICAP fee on the Pay4Me App by downloading the app from the App Store or Play Store. Sign up using your correct personal details. Navigate to “Payments,” select “WES,” and initiate your payment. Once completed, Pay4Me will email you the payment receipt while WES updates its system to reflect the payment.

How Long Is WES ICAP Valid for? 

The WES ICAP report is valid for as long as you need it. Once you upgrade your WES basic to ICAP, it remains valid indefinitely. While some other evaluation services may expire, WES ICAP doesn’t. You can use it for various purposes, such as applying to universities, seeking professional licenses, or even future job applications.

Remember, some institutions, like Canadian Immigration (IRCC), might have specific requirements regarding your evaluation date. In this case, you must request a renewal or order a fresh WES report copy.

What Are the Steps to Renew a WES Report? 

If you’re looking to renew a standard WES report, here’s how:

1. Log into your WES account and request an “additional report.” This typically applies to those seeking applications relevant to institutions like the Canadian Immigration (IRCC).

2. Ordering an additional report essentially gets you a fresh copy of your evaluation with a new expiry date (usually another five years).

How to Upgrade Your WES Report to ICAP in 4 Steps

How Do I Order Additional Reports From WES? 

To order additional reports from WES, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your WES account. Navigate to “Order Additional Reports” and select report type. Choose if you want a credential evaluation or a verification report.

2. Provide details of the recipient institutions or organizations where you want the reports sent.

3. Pay for the additional reports using the Pay4Me App. 

4. Double-check all the information provided and confirm your order.

Use these steps to order additional reports from WES and send them to the necessary recipients for your academic or professional purposes.

Can I Use My Naira Card to Pay for WES?

Yes, you can use your Naira card to pay for WES services. On the Pay4Me App, once you log your WES payment, Pay4Me converts the naira funds to USD or CAD and completes the payment on your behalf. This process takes less than 10 minutes and only requires installing the app on your smartphone.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you’re well-informed on how to upgrade your WES report to ICAP, if you need help paying your WES fee or other evaluation fees, get the Pay4Me App. Pay4Me is a trusted instant cross-border payment app for international students and immigrants. It helps you pay tuition and fees to universities and agencies abroad. Plus, it saves you time and the stress of sourcing FX or handling currency conversions. Go try the app now!

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