Which Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee?

Which Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee?'s photoBy Esther Ebere
Thu Jul 18 2024
Which Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee?

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The SEVIS fee is mandatory for international students applying for US student visas. While various payment methods exist, the critical question remains: Which is the fastest way to pay SEVIS fee?

The fastest way to pay Sevis fee is to use a 24-hour SEVIS payment solution. This blog explores a reliable 24-hour SEVIS payment solution to swiftly complete your SEVIS fee, particularly for students from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, and other African countries. We'll also address common queries like whether someone else can pay your SEVIS fee or if you can pay it after your visa application.

Which Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee?

Pay4Me’s 24-Hour Sevis Payment Solution Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee

The fastest way to pay Sevis fee is to use Pay4Me’s 24-hour Sevis payment solution. This solution lets you complete your F1/J1/M1 Sevis fee payment in 24 hours or less. Because it’s an online payment application, you can pay anytime, day or night, anywhere in the world. More importantly, the process is easy and secure. You only need to log into the app, select the ‘Sevis fee’ option, and follow the prompts to complete your payment.

On getting started on the app:

  • Provide your basic information like full name, email address, and SEVIS ID
  • Pay the mandatory $350 Sevis fee using instant transfer. Students from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya can pay in their local currencies.
  • After a successful payment, Pay4Me will immediately email you a receipt confirmation. This serves as proof of payment for your visa application. 

Using Pay4Me's 24-hour Sevis payment solution is the fastest, most convenient way to pay SEVIS fees anywhere in the world.

How Long Does It Take to Process SEVIS Fee Payment?

The processing time for Sevis fee depends on the payment method you choose. If you pay through Pay4Me's 24-hour Sevis solution, your payment gets processed quickly. Pay4Me immediately sends your payment details to the Department of Homeland Security. 

If you pay through the in-mail method, the processing time takes 2-5 weeks. If there are errors with your payment order, it will take even longer to process. In most cases, your payment will be returned, further delaying the processing speed.

How Do I Pay My i-20 SEVIS Fee in Nigeria?

If you’re an international student from Nigeria, you can easily pay your i-20 Sevis fee using Pay4Me’s 24-hour solution. All you need is a working smartphone and internet connection. Head over to Playstore or App Store, download the application, sign up with your full details, and pay using naira. On logging your payment order, Pay4Me will provide you an instant bank transfer option to pay with. This saves you from the stress of sourcing FX and exorbitant conversion fees.

Can I Pay SEVIS Fee One Day Before the Interview?

Yes, you can pay your SEVIS fee one day before your visa interview using Pay4Me’s 24-hour Sevis Solution. However, it’s not recommended to pay Sevis one day before your interview. You might run into payment or error-related problems with little to no time to resolve them. It’s best to pay your Sevis fee several days earlier, well in advance of your interview date.

What Are the Options to Pay SEVIS Fee?

There are two main options to pay Sevis fee:

  1. Pay online through Pay4Me. This is the fastest and easiest option. Pay4Me has a secure 24-hour payment solution that processes Sevis fee instantly. You can pay anytime using your local currency from anywhere in the world. After you complete your payment, Pay4Me emails you a receipt.
  2. Pay by mail using Form I-901. You can also pay by mailing a check or money order along with a completed Form I-901. However, this process is slow and can take 2-4 weeks to receive and process. There is also the risk of errors or delays with mailed payments.

Which Is the Fastest Way to Pay Sevis Fee?

Can I Pay SEVIS Fee After My Visa Application?

No, you cannot pay SEVIS fee after your visa application. It’s mandatory to make your SEVIS payment before you apply for a visa. One of the things the embassy official will check during your visa interview is proof of SEVIS fee payment. They will not continue processing your visa until they verify you have made the payment. This is why it is extremely important to pay your SEVIS well in advance of your scheduled visa interview appointment. Waiting until after you have submitted your application will be too late. So far you have paid the fee before your visa application using a service like Pay4Me — you will have the necessary documentation ready for your interview.

How Do I Know If My SEVIS Is Paid?

You can confirm if your Sevis is paid by visiting the official Student and Exchange Visitor Program website (www.fmjfee.com). Navigate to the “Check Status” section and enter your SEVIS ID to see your payment status. Also, after completing your payment via Pay4Me’s 24-hour Sevis solution, you’ll receive an email receipt showing your payment has been completed. Print this as proof of SEVIS fee payment for your visa interview.

Which App Can I Use to Pay the SEVIS Fee?

You can use the Pay4Me App to directly pay your SEVIS fee. Simply download the app from Playstore or App Store, sign up, and make your payment. Pay4Me is safe, fast, and secure. The platform is reliable and used by thousands of studnets for their international tuition and fee payments. After completing your payment, Pay4Me will email you a receipt you can view and download on your phone. Print this out as proof you paid the required fee. Pay4Me offers a convenient way to quickly pay your SEVIS fee anytime, anywhere, using your smartphone.

How Much Is SEVIS I-901 Fee in Nigeria?

As of 2024, the SEVIS I-901 fee for F, J, and M visa applicants is $350 USD. You can pay the equivalent of this fee in naira using the Pay4Me App. Pay4Me makes currency conversion easy. The app automatically calculates and displays the Naira amount after you enter the $350 USD fee details. Follow the instructions and complete your payment.

Can Someone Else Pay My SEVIS Fee?

Yes, someone else can pay your SEVIS fee using the Pay4Me App. However, it’s important for the person making this payment to enter your SEVIS ID. All payment details must bear your information; that way, the payment will be reflected as yours on the official Student and Exchange Visitor Program website.

Wrapping It Up

The fastest and easiest way to pay Sevis fee is through Pay4Me's 24-hour Sevis solution. This solution is highly recommended because the payment is fast and allows local currencies and instant transfers. Other payment methods, like mailing a check, take much longer to process. This increases risks of delays or errors with your visa application.

Meanwhile, if someone else is paying the fees for you, they can use Pay4Me's 24-hour solution, ensuring your SEVIS payment is handled quickly and correctly. Don't wait until the last minute. Pay your SEVIS fee through Pay4Me several days before your visa interview to avoid issues. 

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