Pay4Me Partners Treford to Upskill 10,000 Students/Immigrants With No-Code Tech Skills

Pay4Me Partners Treford to Upskill 10,000 Students/Immigrants With No-Code Tech Skills's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Tue Apr 02 2024
Pay4Me Partners Treford to Upskill 10,000 Students/Immigrants With No-Code Tech Skills

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Have you desired to break into the tech sector but don’t know Jack about coding? Pay4Me thought of you when it partnered with Treford, a no-code tech skill platform for professionals and businesses.

The partnership launched The “No-Code Tech Incubator Program (NCTIP) 1.0, ” which is equipping 10,000 current and prospective international students and immigrants from Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and South Africa with essential no-code tech skills to pursue rewarding careers in the tech industry.

Pay4Me Partners Treford to Upskill 10,000 Students/Immigrants With No-Code Tech Skills

The initiative will offer comprehensive training and career support to help these individuals become job-ready while furthering their education and/or careers abroad.

Applications for the first cohort will open on April 1st, 2024, and will admit 1000 candidates from various backgrounds: international students, immigrants, relocating professionals, recent graduates, early-stage professionals, and those transitioning from other roles into the tech industry.

How Does This Program Empower Participants?

NCTIP 1.0 offers a comprehensive curriculum divided into three distinct stages:

1.      Pre-Session: The program commences with a panel discussion featuring industry experts and introduces participants to no-code tech roles, such as product design, content marketing, product management, product marketing, quality assurance, UX copywriting, and data analytics. Attendees will gain insights into the fundamentals of each role, career prospects, interview strategies, and essential skills required for success.

2.      Vetting Process: This stage allows participants access their Starter Packs—a comprehensive set of fundamental courses for no-code tech career paths. Experts from leading companies like Microsoft, Interswitch, and Paystack will deliver these courses using videos, extra resources, and quizzes. 

3.      Bootcamps: Participants who complete the Starter Packs and pass the required assessments will join bootcamps for different roles.

Beyond Tech Skills: Building a Community

NCTIP 1.0 goes beyond skill development. The program fosters a supportive community for participants. Attendees will gain access to the exclusive Global Pay4Me International Student & Immigrants Community, a platform for networking, career guidance, and potential internship and job opportunities across various African and North American startups and businesses.

About Treford

Treford is an EdTech Startup focused on empowering professionals with no-code tech skills they need to build thriving tech careers globally through its no-code tech skill platform that has now been accessed by over 20,000 professionals across all levels from over ten countries within and outside Africa over the last three years. 

How Do I Register?

You can visit  and complete the online application form. All applications will be reviewed, and successful candidates will receive an email 4-5 days after the application has closed. Applicants should have access to a working laptop and internet connection and demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for the program. 



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