10 Best European Universities for International Students

10 Best European Universities for International Students's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Fri Jan 19 2024
10 Best European Universities for International Students

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Every year, thousands of students from Africa apply for schools in Europe. Europe is the bee's knees for international students, with its magical destinations to study and mesmerizing tourist adventures. On social media, you watch these students troop out of their nations to countries like the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Do you want to study abroad? If Europe is your destination, you should figure out the best country and university for you. Every year, the QS World University Rankings organization releases its best universities, and we have taken note of this data in preparing this article.

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With over 600 institutions scattered across Europe, the United Kingdom has always stayed among the leading packs. Interestingly, Turkey, Germany, Poland, and France have some of the best universities in Europe. 

10 Best European Universities for International Students

Do you know countries like Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, and North Macedonia have great universities? If you cannot grab study abroad scholarships, you can spend less in these countries. 

In ranking the best European universities for international students, we considered global recognition, internationalization, research prowess, teaching resources, and employment outcomes. 

Why should you study abroad at universities in Europe?

Europe has over 40 countries with rich cultures, cuisine, and a well-respected higher education system; you have more to gain. Here is a list of what Europe can do for you:

1.    World-class education: The continent offers international students some of the world’s best universities.

2.    Low tuition: If you have tried studying in the United States, you would understand that Europe has a lower tuition than Europe. In addition, you have opportunities to receive scholarships

3.    Boost your resume:  Studying abroad helps you to boost your resume. Many international students have built connections for their future in Europe.

4.    Tourist Vibe: You can easily tour different European countries on a budget. Some of these countries are near others and small size to conquer. 

The United Kingdom Syndrome 

More international students want to study in the UK because of its English-domineering culture, safety, and educational dominance. For instance, some of the country's top universities always sit around the top 10 UK schools' list.

Schools like the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London (UCL), University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, and King's College London have become among the best worldwide for their academic reputation, international research network, and employer reputation. 

Excellence Indicators

Have you wondered why some international students prefer Switzerland for their study abroad? The country has excellent schools, such as ETH Zurich-Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

If you love France and research, you can attend PSL-Paris Sciences et Lettres University. In certain excellence indicators, you can choose top European universities like Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for ‘Inbound exchange students’, University of Luxembourg for 'Outbound exchange students', while  Aalto University in Finland ranks for 'Employment outcomes.' 

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In the background, you can consider these  non-British new universities:

1.    Technical University of Munich, Germany

2.    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany 

3.    Universität Heidelberg, Germany

4.    Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

5.    University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

6.    Institut Polytechnique de Paris Palaiseau Cedex, Paris

7.    Sorbonne University, Paris

8.    KU Leuven, Belgium

9.    Lund University, Sweden

10. Uppsala University, Sweden 

11. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden

What are the top ten universities in Europe?

The top 10 universities in Europe are:

1) University of Oxford

2) ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

3) University of Cambridge, U.K.

4) Imperial College London

5) UCL, London

6) University of Edinburgh

7) Université PSL, Paris, France

8) University of Manchester, UK

9) EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

10) King's College London

10 Best European Universities for International Students

University of Granada - Spain (Universidad de Granada) 

Grenada is a beautifully designed city in Spain, with the Sierra Nevada mountains forming a magnificent background. The city offers a blend of historical sites and architectural edifices, and the streets are filled with bohemian cafes, student dives, and bars. Coming to Universidad de Granada, an intellectual hub in Spain, allows you to study abroad and learn the Spanish language. 

10 Best European Universities for International Students

Florence University of the Arts - Italy 

International students seeking free scholarships to study abroad can come to Italy. One school that attracts students abroad is Florence University of the Arts. The institution sits at the center of Florence, a home of incredible beauty and romance.   Art lovers would pay anything to be in this city, which has numerous art activities and exhibitions. 

University of Leeds - England 

Only a few study abroad agents advise students to select the University of Leeds. Leeds can offer you a space if you are searching for a second home in a foreign country. The city has the University of Leeds, which offers a classic experience for international students. You can live in the same hall with the locals, making it an exciting hub for relaxation and learning. Students don't have to travel far before winding up in London.

Humboldt University of Berlin - Germany 

The ancient German institution, Humboldt University, nicknamed the "mother of all modern universities," offers international students an all-around humanist education. The institution is situated in Berlin, where you can immerse yourself in its complicated history and vibrant culture. Whether you want to learn about the modern city's culture, art, and history, Berlin ensures you study any of its study abroad programs and still have time to explore beautiful places.

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The Paris Institute of Creative Arts - France 

The Paris Institute of Creative Arts provides an amazing way of learning outside the traditional classroom. If you consider seeing the creme de la creme in arts, this school makes it happen often. The surroundings are beautiful and personalized because you are studying in Paris. Students have more than enough to do after classes on the streets of Paris. You have many choices to express your creativity, which makes the school one of the most sought-after in Europe.

Hellenic American University - Greece 

Studying abroad in Greece is a different experience for every student. The "Land of the Gods" has many fascinating architectural edifices, landmarks you wouldn't forget, and picturesque destinations, especially in Athens. Hellenic American University is at the center of Greece's excitement, which makes it impossible for students to miss out on fun.

Maastricht University - The Netherlands

Maastricht University is among the highest-ranking universities in the Netherlands. International students looking for schools renowned for social engagement and high-quality research programmes prefer this school. Its authentic European vibes calm you with many exciting things to do outside the classroom. The Netherlands has a unique lifestyle in Europe, making it a home close to home. 

Salzburg College - Austria 

Studying at Salzburg College allows you to explore the jaw-dropping views of the Eastern Alps. You can drive into Germany in the evening and return for your lectures in the morning. Salzburg is a safe and beautiful city with a rich heritage and picturesque mountain views. The college is a small family that allows you to experience the best of Austria.

Corvinus University of Budapest - Hungary

Corvinus University of Budapest is a prestigious institution in Hungary with many international students. The rich culture of the Hungarians and the perfect location to explore both the Eastern and Western European nations make Budapest a popular spot for tourists. 

University of Sterling - Scotland

Are you an adventure seeker? Studying in Scotland offers you that opportunity. The University of Sterling is popular among international students who want to study and explore nature. Sterling is a quaint, quiet town that would tickle your fancy with many activities. The town has castles, mountains, and lots more for international students.

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