Pay4Me: The Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria for International Students

Pay4Me: The Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria for International Students's photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Thu Jul 18 2024
Pay4Me: The Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria for International Students

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With over 130,000 students studying overseas annually, Nigeria is ranked 8th for international students in the Global Education Payments Report. Over 25% use Flywire, a platform for international payments that makes it easier to pay for tuition and other costs abroad. 

Even though Flywire appears to be a good service, there have been some payment issues. As a result, other platforms like Pay4Me have gained popularity and are now considered by Nigerian students studying overseas as a viable alternative to Flywire in Nigeria.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on everything about Pay4Me and its benefits to users.

Right away, let's see why you should pick Pay4Me over Flywire.

Why Pay4Me Is the Best Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria

For Nigerians who do not know about Pay4Me, the search for a stress-free platform to make international payments for your school, visa, and similar payments might be very daunting. Although there are other options like Flywire, Pay4Me is the top pick for some good reasons:

  • Local Expertise: Pay4Me's in-depth knowledge of Nigeria's financial scene enables them to provide a customized solution to your unique requirements.
  • Seamless Integration: Pay4Me's robust partnerships with service providers and educational institutions make it simple for you to make international payments.
  • Competitive Rates: Pay4Me guarantees you the best value for your money by providing transparent fees and competitive exchange rates.
  • Various Payment Options: Pay4Me allows you to select your favorite payment method, card, bank transfer, or USSD.
  • Outstanding Support: Pay4Me's committed support staff is always available to help, ensuring that your international payments are simple and stress-free.

Services and Benefits of Pay4Me

Pay4Me offers the following services:

  • Tuition and school fees payments: As an international student, Pay4Me helps you pay tuition and fees to educational institutions worldwide. Examples of such payments are SEVIS fees and WES fee payments.
  • Visa payments: Pay4Me helps you pay visa fees, too.
  • Online courses: You can use the Pay4Me App to pay for courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Alison, Simplilearn, Edx, and others.
  • Education payments: Pay4Me handles education payments such as IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, SAT, GRE, PTE, PLAB, IQAS payments, and the likes.
  • Hotel accommodation: You can use the Pay4Me app to book hotel reservations abroad for your studies.
  • Duolingo: Pay4Me can also be used to pay for your Duolingo language test. 

The numerous benefits that come when you switch to Pay4Me are as follows:

  • With Pay4Me, you can conveniently make payments without visiting a bank or currency exchange.
  • Pay4Me transactions are speedy, typically completed in 10 minutes or less.
  • You can get competitive exchange rates for foreign payments with Pay4Me without hidden charges.
  • It is possible to verify the precise amount of fees associated with any transaction before confirming it with Pay4Me.
  • Pay4Me uses the most recent security technology, so your money and data are safe. 
  • Additionally, Pay4Me's customer service is available to you day or night.
  • Through Pay4Me's referral program, you can earn additional money by informing your friends and family about Pay4Me.

Advantages of Pay4Me Over Flywire

Pay4Me has significant advantages over Flywire, including:

Pay4Me: The Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria for International Students

How to Use Pay4Me for International Payments

When you are to make payments with the Pay4Me app, these are the steps to take: 

1. Download the app

Visit the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store to download the Pay4Me app.

2. Create an account

Enter your email address and select a password to create an account on the Pay4Me app.

3. Verification

To checkmate fraudulent activities, you will be required to pay a token of $1.10 for verification, and you are to upload a government-issued ID as well.

4. Choose Payments

To make a payment, click on the ‘Payment’ button on the app to select the type of payment you wish to make. After this, select the currency and amount you wish to pay.

5. Enter related details.

As part of the process, you are to fill in your name, access details, and the link to the type of payment you are making. Verify that it is accurate, then click "Proceed."

6. Choose transaction time.

Select the speed you wish to finish the payment and proceed to the payment area.

7. Complete payment. 

Once you pay via a credit card, USSD, or bank transfer option, Pay4Me will process your payment.

Testimonials and User Experiences of Pay4Me Customers

These are the testimonies of people who trusted Pay4Me with their payments:

1. Onyinye Onyenede says, 

Pay4Me App Customer Review

‘I'm Onyinye Onyenede by name. I discovered the Pay4me App via the Nairaland blog after months of looking for how to pay my SEVIS fee, which resulted in contacting a friend in the USA to pay it for me. It was stressful, and I felt I was disturbing this friend because I understood how busy they could be there. However, when it was time to pay for my sisters', that was the period I knew about Pay4Me. At first, it sounded too good to be true. I downloaded the app and got verified, and paid the SEVIS fee via the app. Since then, I've used Pay4Me to pay for two other friends. The best thing about my experience with the Pay4Me app is the fast, seamless processing and responsive customer service. So far, I haven't had any reason to doubt them. Pay4Me App is currently the best out of Africa in terms of the problems they have been able to solve. Thank you.’

2. Mary-joyce Ijedi had this to say,

Pay4Me App Customer Review

‘I am Mary-joyce Ijedi. I needed a platform where I could make WES (World Education Service) payments while I was in Nigeria. So, I searched on Google and saw a blog recommending Pay4Me as one of the four payment platforms.

Even though the blogger said it might not be 100% secure to use the app, I still opted for it. So, I downloaded it and signed up. I paid my WES fee in Naira on the app, and I was informed that it might take 2-3 days for my payment to be processed. 

Though they have an express option that takes 24 hours at an extra cost, I opted for 2-3 days. My payment was processed within 4hrs. I was truly blown away by how fast the process was, even though I had prepared my mind that it might take 2 to 3 days. My experience on the app was smooth sailing, from signing up to making payments with my debit card. The app is so easy to understand, it is reliable, and their customer service is top-notch. I so am recommending this app to everyone I know, and kudos to Pay4Me.’

3. Nurudeen Abiodun Adedeji said,

Pay4Me App Customer Review

‘My name is Nurudeen Abiodun Adedeji. I came across this life-saving app when I was in a critical state seeking to pay my tuition fee to a French university, BSB Dijon. Pay4Me helped us through the worries of paying my tuition fee to BSB Dijon hassle-free after we'd done research that failed us blatantly. It was a mind-blowing experience because we were in both panic and relief. We'd never used such means to make payments abroad. It was always through the bank Form A, which was hell, demanding many documents and several extra charges with a long hold. But, with Pay4Me, it was magic at the click of a button; our payment went through easily and it got to the school in just a few days, not weeks, in terms of the bank Form A system. I'll recommend Pay4Me to anyone that value transparent and reliable payment system. God bless the developers that came to our rescue from the Nigeria bank Form A system .’

The list of reviews about the Pay4Me App is endless, and they will surely give you reasons to use it.


For international payments, Pay4Me App is a dependable substitute for Flywire, providing reduced costs, expedited transaction times, favorable currency exchange rates, and first-rate customer service. User testimonials from satisfied customers attest to its effectiveness and convenience. Pay4Me is a platform worth considering if you seek a stress-free way to pay for your purchases. To take advantage of its features and streamline your foreign money transactions, download the app now.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Is the Alternative to Flywire in Nigeria?

Q1. What is similar to Flywire?

A platform similar to Flywire is Pay4Me

Q2. Can Nigerians use Flywire?

Even though Nigerians can use Flywire, Pay4Me remains the best option.

Q3. What is the minimum payment on Flywire?

The minimum payment on Flywire is $50.

Q4. Does Flywire use CBN rate?

No, Flywire does not use CBN rates. It uses a parallel market rate, which is why we recommend you use Pay4Me.

Q5. Which one is better Flywire or Western Union?

Both Flywire and Western Union have their downsides. However, if you're looking for a better alternative solution, we recommend you use Pay4Me.

Q6. How long does a Flywire transfer take?

A flywire transfer takes 2 to 3 business days, while an alternative like Pay4Me takes 24 hours.

Q7. How much does Flywire charge for wire transfers?

Flywire charges $20 to $30 for its wire transfers, but Pay4Me charges 10% of the amount you send, which is cheaper.

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