How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria? Here’s How

How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria? Here’s How's photoBy Joseph Ugwu
Thu Jul 18 2024
How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria? Here’s How

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The COVID-19 outbreak increased global demand for online courses. Many Nigerians, particularly those with regular jobs, turned to platforms like Udemy and Coursera for remote learning.

However, paying for these courses posed challenges due to the Central Bank of Nigeria's restrictions on using Naira cards for international payments. This left learners with no choice but to obtain a dollar card, which is complicated.

This article explains how Pay4Me simplifies the payment process for Coursera courses in Nigeria, eliminating the need for a dollar card.

Discover how to pay for Coursera courses in Nigeria fast!

How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria?

How to Pay For Coursera Courses in Nigeria Fast With the Pay4Me App

With the Pay4Me App, paying for Coursera courses in Nigeria has become easier than ever. 

Take the following  steps to make your payment on the app:

  • Download Pay4Me from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Open "Payments," then click ‘Pay a Bill.’
  • Click "Get Started".
  • Select a Category "eCommerce and eServices
  • Continue
  • Click on Coursera E Learning
  • Choose Currency
  • Enter the amount/ Confirm and Continue
  • Put your payment details and instructions for your Couresa registration.
  • Choose a payment option (bank transfer or credit card), and Pay4Me takes care of the rest.
  • Enter your name and the Coursera course link as additional information.
  • Pick your payment speed: now or later.
  • Select a payment method (credit card or bank transfer), and Pay4Me handles the rest.

Why You Should Use the Pay4Me App for Coursera Course Payments

Here are some reasons to use Pay4Me to manage your Coursera course payments:

  • Open-ended expenses: Pay4Me takes excellent satisfaction in its open pricing. The app ensures that unexpected expenses never take you aback by outlining all charges upfront.
  • Quick Transactions: Pay4Me ensures swift transaction processing for timely payments in the fast-paced online course world, ensuring you never miss discounts or one-time offers.
  • Friendly User Interface: The Pay4Me App is designed for user convenience, requiring you to register, input your details, select a course, and relax while the app handles the rest.
  • Super Security: Pay4Me uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques to guarantee that your data is always private and safe.
  • Easiness at Its Finest:  The Pay4Me App's user-friendly layout and clear instructions make paying for your Coursera courses a breeze.

Can I Use Pay4Me App for Other Online Platforms Besides Coursera?

Aside from Coursera, you can pay for courses on sites like Udemy, Udacity, Simplilearn, Edx, Skillshare, and Alison using the Pay4Me App. It is the best app to pay for online courses in various areas, including writing, digital marketing, software design, data science, and more.

How to Save Money on Coursera Courses

Use these helpful tips to save more on Coursera courses in Nigeria

  • Accept Free Trials: Free trials are available for many courses on Coursera. Examine them using the Free trials filter under the Courses tab. It enables trialing a course before purchase.  
  • Bulk Enrollments: Enroll in multiple courses simultaneously to save more money. The greater your selection, the greater the savings. Upon checkout, look through the Discounts section.
  • Await Announcements: Watch out for frequent sales on Coursera. Sign up for their newsletters or follow them on social media to stay informed about them.
  • Seek Financial Assistance: Coursera offers financial aid if expenses are a concern. Apply by going to their Financial aid section.
  • Discounts for Referrals: Do you know a Coursera student? Inquire about their referral code to receive savings on your first course.
  • Look for Discounts: Discount codes for Coursera courses can be found online and on social media.
  • Try Coursera Plus: If you intend to take some courses, a subscription to Coursera Plus may be affordable.
  • Select Packages: Bulk discounts are available on specific courses. Check out the Coursera website for these.

How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria?


In summary, the Pay4Me App is your best bet for easy and affordable Coursera payments in Nigeria. It streamlines the procedure with quick transactions and transparent pricing. To improve your online learning experience, combine this with cost-cutting advice like taking advantage of free trials and course bundles.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Do I Pay For Coursera in Nigeria 

Q1. How do I pay for Coursera courses in Nigeria?

You can pay for Coursera courses in Nigeria with the Pay4Me App

Q2. How long does a Coursera course last?

A Coursera course is designed to last less than 12 months.

Q3. What happens if I don't finish my Coursera course?

if you do not finish your Coursera course and receive your course certificate within 180 days of registering, Your registration will expire, and you will have to pay to re-enroll in the course 

Q4. Is Coursera available in Nigeria?

Yes, Coursera is available in Nigeria. 

Q5. Is Coursera certificate valid in Nigeria?

Yes, Couresa certificates are valid in Nigeria. Employers in Nigeria might value it.

Q6. How much is Coursera online courses?

The price range for a professional certificate for Coursera online courses is $39 to $99 per month.

Q7. Can I pay Coursera monthly?

Yes, you can pay Coursera monthly.

Q8. Do Coursera certificates expire?

No, Coursera certificates do not expire.

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