10 Tuition-Free Universities for International Students in the USA

10 Tuition-Free Universities for International Students in the USA's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Thu Jul 18 2024
10 Tuition-Free Universities for International Students in the USA

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The skyrocketing exchange rate almost buried Amira Mustafa’s dream of studying in the United States. Amira, a first-class student from a public servant's family, doesn't have the luxury of studying abroad. The more she tried to save funds for her studies abroad, the more the naira plummeted against the dollar currency. 

When she heard about the tuition-free universities for international students, life came to her dreams. However, she learned that these universities are not entirely free, as they say.   The United States has prestigious schools, including public schools, that could be capital-intensive and expensive. Amira, who couldn't grab a fully funded scholarship, had to opt for a university that offered tuition-free programmes. 

In this article, we have some universities offering international students tuition-free study.

10 Tuition-Free Universities for International Students in the USA

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Top Free Universities in the USA to Study 

College of the Ozarks

The College of Ozarks (Columbia College) was established in 1851 as a Christian non-tuition liberal art college. The college allows students to study alongside traditional classroom instruction to complete their programmes. 

To study in this College, you must undertake different learning options, including virtual and online. Columbia College has a work-per-week policy that helps you qualify for its free tuition. Students must work at least 15 hours weekly to study in any of its free programmes. In addition, the college is among the top schools for higher education and online studies in the United States. Some of its popular majors include teaching, business, education, and criminal justice.  

City University of New York

The City University of New York started in 1961 as a public university with 24 campuses: seven postgraduate institutions, an undergraduate honours college, seven community colleges, and eleven senior colleges. The university offers students who join their Teacher Academy tuition-free scholarships. City University of New York students are eligible for tuition-free scholarships. 

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Berea College

Founded in 1855, Berea College offers international students with financial constraints an opportunity to study quality arts education. The school has remained tuition-free since 1892 to help average-income earners have a solid education in the USA.

University of Washington

The University of Washington was founded in 1861 and ranked as one of the most prominent schools in the world. International students can enjoy free tuition waivers in specific situations. In addition, these students must have met specific eligibility requirements and do not have formal application processes. 

 Alice Lloyd College

Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan established Alice Lloyd College in 1923. The founders created the college as a tuition-free institution to educate international students for leadership positions. Alice Lloyd College;

1)    Offers high-quality education in the liberal arts

2)    Produces leaders who possess high moral and ethical values

3)    Promotes the work ethic through a compulsory self-help Student Work Program for full-time students

4)    Offers a Christian-oriented environment

5)    Communicate through spoken, written, and other abstract symbol systems.

International students can study popular courses like natural science, mathematics, education, social science, humanities, and business and entrepreneurship.

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 Webb Institute

The Webb Institute is a private undergraduate engineering college focusing on Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture. The multi-disciplinary fields range from ship design and systems engineering to marine, electrical, and civil engineering.

However, only US citizens and permanent residents are granted a full-tuition scholarship during study. 

10 Tuition-Free Universities for International Students in the USA

The Curtis Institute of Music

Established in 1924, The Curtis Institute of Music offers a performance diploma, a bachelor's degree in music, and a master’s degree in music opera. The school stands out with a "learn by doing" philosophy and personalized attention from many actively performing musicians.  

However, admissions are offered based on artistic performance without tuition-free opportunities.

US Service Academies

The US service academies offer students an opportunity to try to enroll in any of the five united service academies:

1)    U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. (King’s Point, New York) 

2)    US Military Academy, (West Point, New York)

3)    US Air Force Academy, (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

4)    US Coast Guard Academy (New London, Connecticut)

5)    U.S. Naval Academy, (Annapolis, Maryland)

Students enjoy free accommodations, tuition, and training facilities for four years. During this period, students receive monthly stipends in substitution for service. However, the application process is lengthy, and students must possess the following:

1)    High standardized test scores (SAT or ACT)

2)    Leadership experience and community involvement

3)    Superior high school GPA

4)    Athletics and extracurricular activities

5)    A congressional letter of recommendation (not required by the Coast Guard Academy)

6)    Applicants also need to pass a physical fitness test

 Deep spring college

Established in 1917, Deep Spring College’s education program is built on students' self-government, academics, and manual labour. The school offers at least fifteen students full scholarships. Deep Spring College handles its student's accommodation, tuition, and board. 

In exchange, students must dedicate themselves to service to humanity courses like journalism, academics, agriculture, politics, science, medicine, law, business, and design.

 Lewis-Clark State College  

Lewis-Clark State College was founded in 1893, offering students a unique learning environment. Non-resident students pay the lowest tuition, with more than 130 degrees and certificates for students to select. Also, it offers two- and four-year degrees in both academic and career and technical education fields.

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You can also study at Antioch College (OH), The Apprentice School (VA), Barclay College (KS), Haskell Indian Nations University (KS), Warren Wilson College (NC), and Williamson College of the Trades (PA) if you have little funds for studies in the USA.

However, we advise you to get precise information directly from the school before you apply. Some of these institutions have varying policies before you can qualify as a student.  

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Are there tuition-free universities in the USA?


The USA has some tuition-free universities that have different packages for students. An example of these schools is Deep Springs College (CA), but students must pay some fees. 

Are there any free colleges in the USA for international students?


International students can study for free at some universities. However, the schools come with terms and conditions.

Does Harvard offer free tuition?

Harvard ensures students pay what their families can afford. You'll pay nothing if your family's income is less than $85,000. For families earning between $85,000 and $150,000, the expected contribution is between zero and ten percent of your annual income.

Which state is affordable for international students in USA?

Wyoming is known to be a very cost-effective state in the US for international students.

Which US university accepts most international students?

New York University had the most international students of any university in the US.


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