Ezeanya’s Story: Geography Stopped Me From Becoming a Pilot, And Sapa Humbled Me

Ezeanya’s Story: Geography Stopped Me From Becoming a Pilot, And Sapa Humbled Me's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Fri Sep 22 2023
Ezeanya’s Story: Geography Stopped Me From Becoming a Pilot, And Sapa Humbled Me

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Welcome to Inside Pay4Me, a series that reveals the fun lives of our employees, who work behind laptop screens and in the office to create magic for the brand. We have Ezeanya Uzoma on the "Hot Seat," and he is one of our creative designers. In this episode, we see a man who lost interest in becoming a pilot because of Geography.

Hello Ezeanya, Can we meet you? 

Hi, my name is Ezeanya Uzoma, Graphics Designer at Pay4Me App, A super Lion (If you know, you know). I hail from Imo state and was brought up in Lagos.

Ezeanya’s Story: Geography Stopped Me From Becoming a Pilot, And Sapa Humbled Me

Wow! A Super Lion. What did a younger you want to achieve?

 When I was younger, I wanted to be a Pilot, but when I met the 'man' named Geography in High School, I knew it wasn't my calling. I studied economics, but now I am in the demand and supply of designs!

We love what your team does with talent. How did you join Pay4Me?

Oya come, make I tell you tory.

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Our ears to the ground

 I belong to a design community on WhatsApp, so on a faithful day, there was an exciting discussion in the group, and messages were just beeping. While checking, I saw someone forwarded an opening for a graphics designer. I applied with speed, and here I am today.

If not creative design, what else would you have been doing?

 I plan to be a public speaker centered around mindset, career, and life. Also, I would have been a rapper, lol. I am drawn toward entertainment but can't pursue it any longer, and I am in love with my current niche.

What has been your craziest moment as a designer?

My craziest moment as a designer dates back before Pay4Me to when I was a designer for a new Quick Service Restaurant.

We thought you would love the job with free food on the table as you design.


 Omo My eyes see shege banza! I was the only designer, so I branded the restaurant, designed all the merch, designed everything inside the store, and designed flyers. Ahh, I was doing the job of five designers, but it was a great time as I gained more ground in design. That's why I can say now that I can design anything.

If you could return to any period, which era would that be?

In my life, it would be my first year, and because I would have started learning design by then, I think that would be it because more time means more growth.

Do you have any unusual talent that most people don’t know about?

Yes, o, As I said, I rap and dance, like set awon Christ Breezy.

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Really? We can’t wait to see you give us some dancing lessons

No be anyhow dancing o, and I got bars my pen game gidi gan! Don't play with me!!! Lol

Ezeanya’s Story: Geography Stopped Me From Becoming a Pilot, And Sapa Humbled Me

Instagram or Facebook

Instagram all day! I prefer seeing pictures here and there.

What’s your Pay4Me experience?

At Pay4Me,  I am now getting to work with another designer. It has been a fresh and wonderful experience because, in previous times, I worked alone, and it was not so productive for me.

If you could be the CBN governor for 24 hours, what policy would you change?

The floating exchange rate

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I think super intelligence will do because you want to be the smart one inventing and behind the scenes, controlling things, not flying up and down.

What is one interesting thing most people don’t know about you?

I can do a seamless backflip.

How was your school life?

Very simple and straightforward, sapa humbled me, so I faced life squarely. It was class, library, and church, with no room for agba baller lifestyle.


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