Canada Biometric Fee: What It Is and How to Pay from Nigeria

Canada Biometric Fee: What It Is and How to Pay from Nigeria's photoBy Esther Ebere
Tue May 23 2023
Canada Biometric Fee: What It Is and How to Pay from Nigeria

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If you're applying for immigration in Canada, you've probably come across the term "biometrics." But what does it mean, and why is it so important? In this article, we'll break down the concept of biometrics in simple language. We'll also answer common questions like how much the biometric fee is and what happens after you go through the biometric process. But first, let's start by explaining the term "Biometrics."

Canada Biometric Fee: What It Is and How to Pay from Nigeria

What Are Biometrics?

Biometrics are unique features exclusive to an individual and solely used for identification. Generally, when applying to study, work, or live in Canada, you must submit biometrics such as fingerprints and a photograph. This information helps Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) confirm your identity and prevent identity theft and issues associated with errors in identity. Meanwhile, it's important to note that submitting biometrics to the IRCC comes with a fee. 

What Is Biometric Fee

The biometric fee is a specific amount the Canadian government charges for enrolling your biometric data. It's different from other fees related to visa processing or application submission. This fee covers the expenses involved in collecting, storing, and verifying your biometric information.

Why is Biometric Information Important?

Biometric information is collected as part of the Canadian government's efforts to enhance security and confirm your identity when applying for a work visa, study permit, and residence. With this technology, the government can prevent identity fraud and protect the integrity of Canada's immigration system.

Who Needs to Pay the Biometric Fee?

You must pay the biometric fee if you are applying for a visa or permit to enter or stay in Canada. This requirement applies to temporary residence applications, like visitor visas, study permits, or work permits, and permanent residence applications, such as express entry programs, family sponsorship, or refugee claims.

It's important to remember that the biometric fee applies to each applicant, regardless of age or relationship status. So, if you're applying as a family, including children, each person must pay the biometric fee separately. This ensures that biometric information is collected for everyone who intends to enter or stay in Canada.

What Documents Do I Need for Biometrics?

For your biometrics appointment, you need to bring along a valid passport for identification, the biometric instruction letter provided by the Canadian visa office or immigration authority, a copy of your visa application, proof of payment for the biometric fee, and any additional supporting documents specific to your visa or permit application. Meanwhile, carefully review the document requirements provided by the authorities to confirm you have all the necessary documents.

Is Biometric Fee Included in Visa Fee

Yes, the biometric fee is included in your visa fee. Although these fees are separate and serve different purposes, they are usually summed and paid together during visa application. For example, the Canada visa and biometric fee is CAD 235 (student visa) and covers the processing and assessment of your visa application and the collection and processing of your biometric data. 

How Much Is Canada Biometrics Fee?

The Canada biometrics fee is CAD 85 per person and is separate from the visa application fee. However, when you apply for a visa or permit to enter Canada, you must pay both biometric and visa fees. Each applicant, regardless of age, is required to pay both fees:

  • Student visa + biometric = CAD 235
  • Visiting visa + biometric = CAD 185 

The biometrics and visa fee can be paid online using accepted payment methods like credit or debit cards on a reliable payment platform like Pay4Me App. Pay4Me App is a cross-border payment platform that helps international students and immigrants process their educational and travel-related fees abroad.

How to Pay Canada Visa and Biometrics Fee from Nigeria

The best and safest way to pay Canada visa and biometrics fees from Nigeria is by using the Pay4Me App, which simplifies the payment process. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to pay your Canada visa and biometrics fee from Nigeria using the Pay4Me App:

1. Download and Install the Pay4Me App: 

Begin by downloading and installing the Pay4Me App on your smartphone or mobile device. You can find the app on the official app stores for both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Create an Account: 

Once the app is installed, create an account by providing the necessary information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. Then, follow the prompts to complete the registration process.

3. Start Your Payment:

Navigate to "Visa Fee" under "Payments." Select the visa category you're paying for and enter the payment amount to continue.

4. Enter Payment Details: 

Provide the necessary details, including your login email, password, passport number, and any additional information required by the app.

5. Complete Your Payment: 

Verify your payment details and proceed to pay via bank transfer or credit card. Pay4Me will process your payment in 24 hours or less.  

6. Save Payment Confirmation: 

Once your payment has been completed, save the payment receipt provided by the Pay4Me App. This serves as proof of payment, which you may need to present during your visa or permit application process.

By using the Pay4Me App, you can conveniently pay the Canada visa and biometrics fee from Nigeria without the need for complex international transactions. However, remember to check the app for any applicable transaction fees or exchange rates that may apply.

What's Next After Biometrics?

After completing the biometrics process in Canada, the processing time for your application will depend on several factors, including the type of application and whether you meet the eligibility criteria for a specific expedited stream. For instance, if you have applied through a special fast-track program for students and meet all the eligibility requirements, your application will typically be processed within 20 calendar days after receiving your biometrics.

However, if your application doesn't meet the eligibility criteria for the fast-track program, it will be reviewed through the regular processing route. In such cases, you will not receive expedited processing. The processing time for regular applications may vary, and it's important to note that it can take longer than the 20-day timeframe associated with the fast-track program.

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