6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians's photoBy Ernest Emeka
Tue Mar 14 2023
6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians

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Imagine an Alaba trader with a daughter studying in the United States who had to queue in the bank for 30 minutes before sending money to his daughter in an emergency. Many things might go wrong before he could complete this transaction. The bank's network could frustrate him, and he spends more than two hours trying to send $100 to his daughter.

Amid this challenging transaction, his VIP customers would be calling non-stop for him to come back to the market. Instead, he becomes aggressive with everyone and ends up venting his frustration on the government.

International money transfer apps could have saved this situation. With any of these financial apps, he could send money to business partners, family, and friends worldwide from his smart device or phone at the market. 

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians

The money transfer apps offer a smooth in-app onboarding that allows users to get their money moving without stepping out of their homes. However, with the number of international money transfer apps available, many people may find it daunting to pick the most suitable app for their transactions.

In this guide, we have compared the different features, delivery times, exchange rates, and other important features of many financial apps to highlight the six best international money transfer apps for Nigerians.

Best Online Money Transfer Apps to Use

Here’s a summary of these money transfer apps and the things we like about them:

1.    WorldRemit: A multi-currency money transfer app with no hidden costs and offers service in more than 130 countries.

2.    Wise: An effective money transfer app for personal and business customers with the mid-market exchange rate

3.    Remitly: Excellent for people who want to make low-cost payments to their family and friends.

4.    OFX: It offers a 24/7 phone service and ensures you receive personal support.

5.    Western Union: The app allows you to transact business almost anywhere.

6.    Pay4Me App: A seamless transfer app built for international students that offers the most competitive exchange rate and swiftness in every transaction.

We selected based on the Google Play store and Apple store rating data and customer reviews, including service efficiency. 


The WorldRemit app allows you to send money to your loved ones within minutes, while some transfers get to the recipients within 24 hours in any part of the world. In addition, when you introduce someone to the app, you receive a voucher for your subsequent transactions.

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         No minimum transfer amount

·         Easy-to-use website

·         Large range of destinations

·         Many transfer options

·         Fast transfer option.


·         Complex transfer fees

·         Limits on large transfers to specific destinations

·         Maximum transfer amounts

·         Unpredictable fee structure

·         No currency hedging options

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1.    Instant money transfers

2.    Track your transfers

3.    Real-time exchange rates

4.    Zero fees on your first three money transfers

Fees and exchange rates: low, transparent fees and not completely predictable

Safety:  Fully regulated 

Speed: Most transfers arrive in 24 hours, while some happen within minutes

WorldRemit offers different transfer methods and accepts payment from payment platforms, but not Google Pay. The app monitor accounts for unusual activity.  

When you accidentally transfer money to the wrong recipient, the app can recall your transaction if you can contact WorldRemit immediately.

How do I send money with WorldRemit?

Download the iOS or Android versions of the World Remit app. 

·         Login to your account and 

·         Choose the destination country

·         Select the transfer method 

·         Enter the amount you want to send

·         Add your recipient's information, including their name, contact information, and account details to the money being sent (if applicable).

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Wise has become an excellent choice for people who want to transact in less popular currencies with no hidden charges. The app offers users multi-currency accounts in over 80 countries at a transparent transfer fee.

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         Mid-market exchange rates and transparent service fees

·         40% of transfers are instant, 80% are delivered within 24 hours

·         Registered with FinCEN

·         All services are available online or in the Wise app 

·         Personal, business, and enterprise level services are available


·         No branch network 

·         Variable fees and limits apply

·         Accounts are not interest bearing

·         Services, fees, and delivery times vary based on the destination

·         Transfers to bank accounts only

·         A one-time fee to open a business account or get a debit card


1.    Multi-currency account

2.    Wise Card

3.    Wise Assets

4.    Business Account

Fees and exchange rates: low, transparent fees and mid-market exchange rate

Safety: Fully regulated worldwide

Speed: most transfers are instant; 90% arrive in 24 hours

Wise links your debit card for easy transactions and offers no monthly fee or minimum balance before usage. Hence, you can use your Wise account for any financial transaction.

How do I send money with Wise?

Download the Wise app from the Google Play store or Apple store, or sign up with Wise online.

·         Type in how much you'd like to transfer. 

·         The kind of transfer 

·         Fill in your details

·         The details of who you're sending money to 

·         Review the details of your transfer. 

·         Choose your transfer type and how to pay


Remitly works as a popular payout option on different currency routes, which can be transacted from 21 countries to at least a hundred countries.  

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         Multiple payment options

·         Easy online and in-app payments 

·         Fixed transfer fees

·         No minimum transfer limit

·         Cash pickup option


·         No option for instant custom quotes

·         Exchange rates vary by service and destination country

·         Not all services are available in all countries 

·         Not suitable for large money transfers


1.    Two options for money transfers 

1.    Express Money Transfers

2.    Economy Money Transfers

2.    Website and Mobile Apps

3.    Multiple Payment Options

4.    Cash Pickup Option

5.    Home Delivery Option

Fees and exchange rates: Transaction fees vary by destination country and service.

Safety:  Fully registered and regulated. 

Speed: Transaction delivery times vary 

Remitly transfers work only for personal use and offer simple international transfers on common remittance routes. However, it does not allow business transfers or payments made from one send the country to another.

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How do I send money with Remitly?

·         Download the app from the Google Play store or Apple store

·         Create an account

·         Choose the recipient and destination

·         Select the transfer speed and payment method

·         Enter the transfer details

·         Review and confirm

·         Fund the transfer

·         Initiate and track the transfer


OFX app offers businesses, online sellers, and individuals a fast and easy currency exchange service. In addition, you can send money abroad or make international payments with your OFX app.

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         Excellent customer service

·         No additional fees when sending money over $10,000

·         Access currency risk management solutions and products

·         Sending larger amounts of money, where their rates are more competitive

·         A comprehensive mobile approach

·         Well-rated for customer service and experience

·         No transfer fee

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·         Exchange rates with a variable markup

·         Minimum transfer amount

·         $15 transfer fee for any transfer amount less than $10,000 (not in U.S. or U.K.)

·         No credit card

·         24/7 support doesn't extend to personal financial advice

·         Holding account services for business customers only

·         Some services can’t be accessed via the app


1.    Single Transfer

2.    Recurring Transfer

3.    Buy Now, Transfer Later. 

4.    Target Rate Transfer 

5.    Security

Fees and exchange rates: OFX offers no transfer fee applies but might include a markup

Safety: Fully regulated and authorized 

Speed: Transfer happens within 24 hours

OFX offers international payment, currency risk management solutions, and multi-currency holding accounts for business customers. It works for people who transact high-value payments, including lower amounts.

How do I send money with OFX?

Download the OFX app from the Google Play store or Apple store

·         Create your OFX account. 

·         Start your registration online or via the OFX app 

·         Verify your identity 

·         Enter your transfer details

·         Send funds for your transfer 

·         Track your transfer.

Western Union

Western Union offers customers an easy way of cash collection payments worldwide. The international money transfer platform is the biggest on earth, with support for the app, online, and personal services. 

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         Fast transfers available

·         You can fund a transfer with cash.

·         Send to almost any country in the world

·         Cash collection payments are almost instant

·         Easy to register an account 


·         Not the cheapest

·         Fees vary based on service and destination country

·         Exchange rates include a variable markup


1.    Pick up cash

2.    Track a transfer

3.    Pay bills

4.    Find locations

5.    My W.U. Rewards

6.    Refer a friend

7.    Pay inmate

8.    Mobile reload

Fees and exchange rates:  The transaction fees vary by destination country and service with a markup

Safety: Fully authorized and regulated 

Speed: Transactions can be available in minutes. Bank deposits take up to 2 days.

Western Union offers users a quote and their payment and delivery options in the app before they can confirm. 

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How to send money with Western Union?

Download the Western Union app from the Google Play store or Apple store.

·         Log in to the Western Union app.

·         Tap 'Send money. ...

·         Select a previous receiver or enter a new receiver's name and address.

·         In the case of a bank transfer, verify your bank account and complete your transfer. 

·         Share the tracking number (MTCN) with your receiver for cash pickup.


Pay4Me App provides seamless financial transactions for international students and immigrants. In addition, the financial app allows users to make instant payments to schools, businesses, and loved ones without the lengthy and costly process of traditional banking and payment providers.

6 Best International Money Transfer Apps for Nigerians


·         Peer-to-peer financial support

·         Easy to register an account 

·         Low, transparent service fees

·         All services are available online 

·         24/7 support 


·         Peer-to-peer transfer only in Nigeria (plans to expand to other countries)

·         No fixed exchange rate 


1.    Free instant peer-to-peer transfers

2.    Loan feature

3.    Fund wallet availability

4.    Payment History 

5.    Real-Time Updates on Transaction Status

6.    Referral Bonus

7.    Cash backs and withdrawals

8.    Active community, offers, and perks

Fees and exchange rates: Pay4Me App has no hidden transfer fee and offers the most competitive exchange rate

Safety: Fully authorized and safe to use

Speed: Transactions happen within 10 minutes, while transfers can take 24 hours to three days, depending on service.

Pay4Me partners with licensed and accredited money transmitters, banking partners, student loan companies, immigration firms, colleges, and universities.

Users pay in their local currencies when they can pay on the platform.

How to send money with Pay4Me?

·         Download the Pay4Me App from the Google Play store or Apple store

·         Sign up and login into your account

·         Navigate to “Payments” and select your payment option

·         Fill in your payment details and additional information.

·         Proceed to the payment page and pay in your local currency using a bank transfer or Card.

·         You'll get a confirmation mail from Pay4Me App.

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