How to Apply for WES Evaluation: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Apply for WES Evaluation: A Step-By-Step Guide's photoBy Esther Ebere
Thu Jul 18 2024
How to Apply for WES Evaluation: A Step-By-Step Guide

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If you're pursuing an academic degree or seeking employment abroad, especially in countries like the US and Canada — you need a WES report (also known as a WES certificate) to expedite the process. World Education Services (WES) helps employers and academic institutions in foreign parts understand your educational background and how it measures up to their standard. 

But asides that, the WES report helps you understand how your academic credentials match international standards and the right schools or jobs to apply to abroad.

Therefore, to get a WES report for your academic and employment needs, you must apply for a WES evaluation. This article discusses how to apply for WES evaluation in the easiest way possible.

Documents Required for WES Evaluation

WES evaluation starts with making all required documents available. But depending on your country of education, type of education, name of institution, and name of the certificate, requirements may differ. Therefore, before starting your evaluation, visit the WES website and check for the approved documents.

Other compulsory and relevant documents to keep in close include:

1. Statement of result

2. Transcript or degree certificate

Bear in mind your documents must be sealed in an official envelope and duly signed on the back flap by the relevant academic officers. The front of the sealed envelope must look like this:


Then the back flap must look like this:


Source: Blekxy

Meanwhile, remember to seal, stamp, and sign the back flap. WES may reject your documents if you don't include them in the envelope.

Different Types of WES Evaluation Reports

The WES evaluation report comes in three different formats:

1. A Course-By-Course Evaluation 

This evaluation contains a list of your courses, grades, US GPA(grade point average), and the US equivalency of your credentials. It's most suitable for graduate university admissions, transfer, and licensing boards except CPA. 

2. A Document-By-Document Evaluation

This WES report evaluation provides the US equivalency of your credentials and is more appropriate for US immigration, freshman university admission, and employment.

3. A CPA Supplemental Report

This WES report evaluates businesses and accounting courses for Certified Public Accountant boards.

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How to Apply for WES Evaluation?

Step one

  • Create an account on WES and fill in your details
  • Obtain a WES reference number and include it on all documents sent to WES
  • WES may not evaluate documents without a reference number

Step two

  • Send your documents to WES
  • WES does not accept documents from students or individuals. 
  • Your university is responsible for sending your document to WES (learn how to send transcripts to WES)
  • WES will review your documents before evaluating

Step three

  • WES evaluates your documents and verifies their authenticity
  • WES will deliver your report within seven business days

How to Pay for WES Certificate

You can pay for WES in less than 30mins using a cross-border payment service like the Pay4Me app. Start by downloading the app on Play Store or App store. Then, register and verify your details. Next, choose a payment type and provide Pay4Me with payment instructions. Finally, make your payment using a bank transfer, card, or cryptocurrency.

FAQ on How to Apply for WES Evaluation: A Step-By-Step Guide

Q1. How Much Is Wes Evaluation in 2024
The cost of WES evaluation in 2024 is 260 CAD.

Q2. What Is the WES Evaluation Process?
The WES evaluation process involves several steps. You'll create an account, select your evaluation type, submit required documents, and pay the 260CAD fee. Then, WES will review your credentials to determine their Canadian equivalency. You'll receive an evaluation report afterward. Optional services like rush delivery are available for an extra fee.

Q3. How Much Does WES Evaluation Cost
A WES evaluation costs between $163 to $200. Extra charges may apply if a student wants an urgent or express delivery service.

Q4. How Many Days Does WES Evaluation Take?
WES completes your evaluation in seven days or less. However, your evaluation might be extended if you require additional verification, correspondence, or research.  

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