How to Send WES Report to University

How to Send WES Report to University's photoBy Esther Ebere
Thu Jul 18 2024
How to Send WES Report to University

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A WES (World Education Services) evaluation is important for assessing and comparing an individual’s educational credentials to the standards of other countries. Countries such as the UK and Canada use the evaluation to understand the educational background of prospective students. 

But other than that, academic institutions, employers, and professional accrediting entities use WES to compare diplomas and degrees obtained abroad with an equivalent grading system.

Therefore if you’re furthering your education or seeking employment abroad, you must present a WES report. For students looking to gain admission abroad but are at sea on “how to send WES report to university,” this article discusses the available ways to do so. 

How to Send WES Report to University

How to Send WES Report to University Electronically

To send WES report to a university electronically, you need to make a request on the WES platform once your evaluation has been completed. For example, to send WES report to a university in the US, you must:

  • Login to your account on 
  • Navigate to “Completed” and select “Order Duplicate Standard.”
  • Click on “Select Purpose” and select “Professional License/Certification.”
  • At “Add Recipients,” choose the name of the university to send the WES report to
  • Navigate to “Delivery Options” and select “Standard” (this lets WES share your documents electronically with the selected university)
  • Re-evaluate your request, pay your fees, and submit
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Having requested your report, it’s important to note that standard delivery within the US takes three to five business days, while shipping to other countries takes 30 business days to complete. Meanwhile, to know if WES has successfully sent your report to the selected university, look out for an update from them stating that they’ve shipped your documents. 

How to Send Transcript to WES

There are three primary ways to send transcripts to WES. However, before we get to these methods, understand that your university or academic institution is responsible for sending your transcripts to WES for evaluation. Therefore, ensure to ascertain whether they support the electronic transmission option. 

That said, here are three methods of sending transcripts to WES:

1. Online Platform

2. Direct submission

3. Email submission

How to Send Transcript to WES via Online Platform

The online platform is the most convenient way of sending transcripts to WES. Not only is the method fast, but also safe for sharing documents. The documents are usually transmitted as certified or electronically signed PDFs. And in most cases, institutions share them via their own online portals or third-party providers.

To send a transcript via the online platform, log in to your account and choose WES as the recipient of the documents. Once WES receives the link to read the papers, they’ll capture them and continue with the evaluation. 

How to Send Transcript to WES via Direct Submission

The direct submission method involves receiving electronic documents via licensed channels of institutions and third-party providers in partnership with WES. These channels are secured and allow institutions to transmit documents to WES instantly. Institutions can send transcripts via either the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) or the application programming interface (API)

How to Send Transcript to WES via Email

While direct submission and online platforms are most common for sending transcripts to WES, WES offers an email option to institutions that lack these methods. If your institution falls under this category, here are the requirements to note when sharing transcripts via email with WES:

  • The email sender must be authorized to send academic records. ( Departments charged for sending transcripts include the Office of the Registrar; the Exams, Awards, and Graduation Department; the Controller of Examinations; the Department of Student Services; or the Office of Academic Records
  • Only secure and immutable documents(PDFs) should be attached.
  • The sender’s email must be verifiable on the institution’s website.
  • Emails must pass stringent anti-spoofing authenticity and security checks.

These are the available options for sending transcripts to WES for evaluation.


Can I Send Transcripts Directly to WES

No. You can’t send transcripts directly to WES. Your academic institution is responsible for sending transcripts to WES. Contact them and request to share your documents with WES for evaluation.

How Can I Get My WES Report

To get your WES report, log into your account on WES and order a duplicate report of your evaluation. WES will mail your report via the shipping information or delivery service specified in your application. 

How to Send Transcripts to WES Online

To send transcripts o WES via the online platform:

  • Login to your account via your institution’s online portal
  • Choose WES as the recipient of the documents. Once WES receives the link to read the documents, they’ll capture your documents and continue with the evaluation thereupon. 

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